Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Thyself and the most important time

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Good Day to all you fine People , wow its been that long since I`ve written , which is fine because as you know I don`t wish to ramble any messages thru, by endless similarities of content, at least most of the time ayy? :-)
 As you can all see the complete chaos that is brewing all over the world  with unexplained confusion dealing with Armies and war games and cold war crap Vs 188 countries all signing the NEW World Order document with the Pope at the UN and laughing together. ie; Putin and Obama watch below.

OBAMA & PUTIN SHARE A TOAST - Are They Still Partners In a NWO Agenda For Humanity?


Thats quite forgiving of them with all these sanctions and threats we have allegedly heard in the past years between our two countries and more  ayy??? So how could this possibly be? and better yet Obama did not say People of the world either, he said "To the people we represent , and to whom we have responsibility for"  Quite a toast indeed folks, we were all excluded from this new agenda, but watch them need our help and participation until, we are diminished by the rules written on the Georgia guide stones.  A lot of people say the the NWO is a conspiracy, well in a way it is if you believe the lie we live in. lol actually all this chaos were in, is the the lie to cover up the raising of the phoenix (NWO) from the ashes that has been the following of all the gods of Egypt and their rituals long before the birth of Christ.
Now my dear friends this is actually our good news, because now we see the truth for what it is, what about the billions that will suffer under ignorance from this. My heart truly feels for all the innocent that will be swept away, may God be Just unto a soul with even a tiny spark that even represents his Goodness that he is.

You may ask why do I say this? for a number of reasons and I will start with Christ;
41 Jesus said, "Whoever has something in hand  will be given more, and whoever has nothing will  be deprived of even the little they have."

This word " something " is referring to the Love of God within our souls which we have earn from all our things upon this life we have chosen to do for God. ie; your storehouse in heaven per sa.
The words referring to "the little they have" was said so as we may understand as Men also, and we think that Vanity, selfishness, forward speaking to an agenda and Pretty well men that Highlight themselves in all the sins of this world are of any value at all, this is what will be stripped from them. thus the wisdom of the meek shall inherit the world.

I also say this, from the words in the teachings of Peter scripture which says;
And to all reasonable souls it hath been said above: Whatsoever things any of you did in ignorance,  not knowing God clearly, all his sins shall be 
forgiven him.

Of course he is referring to the sins that soul did not know of which is common sense . I wouldn`t even expect God to forgive the ones I knew of myself. But still having some light within you still must be achieved. This is just another viewpoint and truth in the lower spectrum of understanding.
So you all see that the billions of people that don`t see a lot of this or anything coming will be to ware them down so as to ultimately choose the Dark-side or Satan or Mans way(NWO) all are the same thing, just a new label to lie or to place a great veil to fool even the Elect. 

           M't:24:24: For there shall arise false Christs,                        and false prophets, and shall shew great signs                      and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible,                  they shall deceive the very elect.

In a way here too, he is saying that No man will be left outside the realm of carrying their own cross, regardless of size people. But the closer to the father and his ways the easier that becomes, indeed.

 Or is it Half empty
 Are you an optimist or a pessimist ? this is an important thing to realize about yourself, not that you can not change at any time with the right frame of mind and surrounding motivations which is a big issue and part in most everything we do here on earth, speaking of the mortal realm. Ok I`m not talking about being pessimistic like when your buy a used car.. for that would be a very wise thing to do. How about a 40 year old man that never did learn how to ride a bike. The pessimism has grown into an immovable force within him which would take a lot to change.  we live each day making decisions that is based on our own well being and knowledge that makes those decisions. for this reason we all would be very wise to know ourselves 100% in this mortal world and should be seeking clarification in parallel to the spiritual one indeed that we are from.But I am going to talk about something that is the most simplistic and understandable truth that there is this existence we all live.

 There was a man standing the woods alone looking around in sort of a frenzied fashion and said to me as I came up to him  "I am lost, can you help me"  I told him I`ll try, and said to him were did you come from? he pointed and said "down there" I said ok , so which direction were you heading? he pointed and said "Up there" So I told him You know were you have been, and you know which way you are going, so your standing right here with me and you are found my friend.  He really still needed a direction of travel after that but what I did for him was calm him down so he could figure it out, without worrying now and at peace a bit more. relaxing bring the soul closer to God/ Holy Spirit and You then can find anything you desire, even a smile. Most of all You find Yourself in the present moment and that is what this is really all about. the Present moment right now is the best time you will ever have, if, you are truly in the present.  See there is no past, just memories that we do know and have written down to remind us why we are in the present moment and the way we are. the past is made up of present moments actually but only exist in memories , we cannot change them only learn from them. Now the future does not exist either, it hasn`t happen yet, it will be formed in the fashion of what we do in the present moment now and will become the present Moment, won`t it? to go alittle Sci fi on you. its like we are in this space vortex of time that is moving automatically , we know of the past cause we have lived it as present moments, we can think of this vast world of Possibilities to do and try to work at from the present and will be able to see it when we get there in the present moment.  LOLOL  Interesting Paradigm ayy? 
I though of this for years after I heard it and it makes alot of sence when one really thinks of it.
See this what the dark-side is trying to disrupt in mankind with all these wars, false hoods of time travel, etc  keeping people from finding their true God who is only in the present Moment , or as they have said Zero time and the present moment is for ever.  Many blessing to you all in your seeking and peace..

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