Thursday, April 3, 2014

4/3/14 Colors

          This pic is just Cool.......................Had to post it  :-))
I love the colors in that picture, or is it just left over enthusiasm from Woodstock  LOL    
I also would like to apologize to anyone that has tried to post a comment on this Material here, I`m learning things to LOL  You may thank my Son Chris for telling me to check my settings. I would love to hear from anyone, truly.....:-) 

 Nuclear Time

Well now, here are two stories that are very compelling and very disturbing to anyone out there that has no knowledge of any of this situation by way of 1. trusting the Government to come forward or tell them things they should know, huh? after 3 years... ya right LOL
2. I`ll say complacency but the real word is laziness isn`t it? but coupled together with a fear of the knowledge itself, (fear of the unknown) it ain`t that bad ounce you start learning things right?Believe  me I know that feeling also and can`t blame anyone.3. People who are just so busy for real, it would be like introducing them to another Universe. These people I feel for the most, because they can`t even help themselves, because they don`t even know anything is wrong.Thus the Meaning (Ignorance is bliss) The Orwellian understanding of the Beast system in this world Today that is going to literally march none spectating souls to there Fate. To be blunt People, sorry, but this group is the Biggest on Earth in the Billions. this why its so important to get the truth out. For all of you who have been reading and following This Blog, God bless you all for your reverence and on going conviction to the Spirit that is within you.



This site is a new source of information dealing more with the summarizing of these things, were the other sites are the reports of daily events globally to be compiled.  check it out folks

Newest Fukashima asof 4/4/14

Best article and most helpful I have read since this thing began




The News...... I`m going to leave here two consecutive days cause there is good info in both plus You can get a comparison of effects for those that watch this parameters.

as of

      S0 News April 3, 2014: Storms, Quakes, Weak Heliosphere

S0 News April 4, 2014: STARWATER, Tornado Zone, Spaceweather

Show Time People....... One of My Old favorite`s

well Be blessed Good People and we will be looking at You again..... 


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