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4/11/14 Wooden ships

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Hay there Good people sorry its been 7 days since my last, 
but I had a bit of a pc crash and just got back on I have a whole lot of articles below for y`all :-) I tried to pick out the most meaningful    and interesting . Now any God minded individual out there that has been following things or even just this blog should realize some truths about all this  1. It has formed around 3 major releases of Radiation on the Globe , Fukashima, WIPP in NM, Hanford plant in WA, Now I`m sure there are many many more, in fact I have some lists that prove it, but by comparison these are the ones of Most Concern to Mankind's Habitation as Jesus Christ puts it in one of his stories. 2. All the sights have admitted they have know idea why or what to do about it, or the people that do say they have a way,just keep talking without really doing anything about stopping the release, because they are suppose to.Why? do not be amazed at this But some of you here who have not read my past reports, were I have told you about Agenda 21. Not a fake conspiracy like they have said but full reality. Below is the full document from the UN achieves. A very long read indeed. 21  (The long UN document)

The video presentation is very good for the basic explanation People

   BE NOT DECIEVED BY:The Great Deception - Project Blue Beam


and also together with the agenda 21 is the Blue beam project which is going to be use to implement much of the lies to mankind which is also in a few reports back

Now many of you here has been reading my blog for a little while, some more consistent than others, and that is truly fine, As Jesus told his disciples ; Do not do the things you Hate for they are detrimental to the Soul. Now He was talking to the Divine Man, not the Earthly bound Man. This all has to do with one seeking and finding their path to the Father, the divine light deep within every man
Joh:1:4: In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

For those of us with wisdom, one should be asking one self what are the ends that we seek here upon time there is no feasible way man could save himself in the midst of things. Well there is definite
good news in all of this for mankind, it is the reason why I `m here telling everyone about all these evils in the world.It has to do with my life as well as yours although making the choice is an individual action which must be taken alone.

I will leave you to read and try to comprehend all the info in this blog before I go any further, for living is a process that needs to be Nurtured and Patiently understood as we go.



nhkworld/english/news More Tanks?



US/Canada from fuk
govt-model-shows-radioactive-plume-entire-west-coast-canada-march-22-2011-10-times-cesium-137-plume-fukushima-same-time-california-alaska-video   4/8/14





         S0 News April 10, 2014: Weather & Spaceweather Report

Music Man

               Wooden Ships - Crosby Stills Nash and Young

A lot more to come Folks, Be at peace with no  fear........................................Tom

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