Sunday, July 6, 2014

Breaking news update ....7/6/14

Hay People, many blessings to you all in Christ, unto the Father.
This report is only 4 hours old, so you can realize how fast things are progressing now in the world and especially hot spots like  Ukraine and Syrian region. The western elite scum with US at is head is showing their colors straight out in many ways now. Please pray for the Many many souls being persecuted and killed , and for most cases just being in the path of this Evil System. The west along with the preset Gov of Ukraine are making it almost inevitable for Russia not to intervene for ww3 to start vs the people in Ukraine be hammered on so. God be with His Judgement on this.
Take heed and strengthen your faith and power in the lord within you, where ever and whom ever you maybe.  Amen

             Kiev to create 'filtration camps' for East Ukrainians?

I noticed I have some friends Here from Russia and Ukraine also , much Peace to you also. I do know a little Russian as I was going to go there a few years ago. So, I seen this video and thought Maybe You could understand what he is saying. I hope its truthful as to about the detention(filtration) camps....Whoops ;-))  As This would be a conformation of the first one.  Especially from Mr. 3 stars.... lol

             Secretary of Defence about concentration camp for 

              Eastern Ukraine people.

Yep The US can`t leave well enough alone. They have to Screw with everything.

        US Greystone mercenaries come to Ukraine to kill?

           Ukraine Crisis - What You're Not Being Told


Hay Here`s that little Rascal, God help us all.......indeed

                  Obama explains the FEMA Camps

So My good Brothers and Sisters in Christ, assuming that Fairness will be in place when dealing with any Facet of the Gov may be very disheartening in the long run. No fear my friends and God speed.

          S0 News July 6, 2014 | Record Ice on the Horizon

An appropriate  song .......................

                      Mike & The Mechanics - Silent running

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