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The Chicken or the Egg?.........does it matter

Hay Good People, I really didn`t know whether to put this Video at the front or the Back of this blog. For a short video it has an amazing impact quality to it indeed,..... enjoy truly  :-))


The chicken or the Egg? Basically I was referring to the Theme structure and symbolism of Movies as pertaining to real life events of today or sometimes that which has already happened , for instance The George Orwell`s  "1984 "  Is the exact replica of today`s society and written 30 years ago. For those of you unknowing of this Book, ,,here below;

1984: Blueprint for US Authoritarianism | Happy Birthday George Orwell

Now then "1984" was written by Illuminati influence (Father was a High degree Mason) He wasn`t a Prophet cause he claimed no Christ like or even spiritual intervention on the matter, so it it has to be a self fulfilling prophesy of the Dark side. As you will begin to understand Most every movie, and especially rock songs have an evil connotation associated with them. as you well learn more from these 2 videos below.

HOLLYWOOD REVELATIONS Pt. 1: The Watchmen and The New World Order

The REAL TRUTH Behind Illuminati Symbolism: Rise of The New World Religion

There are allot more like these at Youtube, I like to use the Video`s for a number of Reasons; 1) Helping explain things further 2) A second witness point of view, so to speak 3) Gives you all a break from ME  a little  :-))   lol

Lu:12:39: And this know, that if the goodman(owner) of the house(soul) had known what hour the thief (Adversay)would come, he would have watched, and not have suffered his house(Soul) to be broken through.

See, so we are Watching to Preserve what is good within us and about us without fear Now, after seeing this stuff. As I was reading Pistis Sophia Gospel  it said; One of the disciples as the lord " lord why after telling us the Good news of our inheritance in the kingdom with all the glory to God, then You tell us that we will Face grave persecution with the Archons of Yaltaboath( Satan )? Jesus tells them " As your teacher you must learn to also teach others to accept and take to heart the good word and things of God when they are presented to you and fill your self, so when darkness and Evil does happen you will hold firm to that light that you have kept and see the truth of it without your soul being effected by it at all".

M't:10:16: Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

So to continue on the symbolism in Movies to tell us just what they are going to do to make all their man made prophesies come to bear. Hear is something to consider to help you sort out the whom is giving you the Prophesy. Ex; There is a man in front of you, holding a gun, and he say "I will make a prophesy that you are going to die today" so one says" well you are not God so it can`t happen. Then he shoots you.   :-)  well the moral here is The word, Statement , sentence , Prophesy, command or comment which ever you want to call it still boils down to " what was said and from what root do they come from"

Ok moving on here, How many out there have seen the Movie  The terminator ? I know I have .. its cool  LOL and it gives us a lot of incite into what is going to come about for us Really. In the movie the robot almost says what year the end would come, but doesn`t.
So do you think Skynet is going to prove out? I feel its almost Here now People. Watch below...... This some really neat crap form a mechanics view point. :-)

'         Skynet' Drones Work Together for "Homeland Security"

         DRONE STRIKES: Top Secret Confessions of a Drone Pilot

   SkyNet Unmanned X-47B Completes First Carrier-Based Launch

                              Is Google Skynet?

          You got to see this seriously ... Remember Boston Robotics 
is  owned by Google.

New 2013 DARPA Building Real Life Terminators Military Robots (HD)

        DARPA Technology And Military Robots  Part 1

      DARPA Technology And Military Robots Part 2

Think all this stuff is still Just a Good Movie Brothers and Sisters?

Quantum Computer Technology May Advance Using Rare Holmium Atoms, Scientists Say

LiveScience  |  By Jesse Emspak

quantum computer

Microsoft Makes Bet Quantum Computing Is Next Breakthrough


Quantum Computing Research May Back Controversial Company

A quantum computer without its protective thermal canister. The kind of computing D-Wave pursues seeks to define a problem’s answer in terms of an optimal outcome among a near-infinitude of possibilities.Credit Kim Stallknecht for The New York Times

If proved out, the results will be a significant boost for D-Wave, a 13-year-old company that has won contracts with Lockheed Martinand a joint research endeavor by Google and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration,

Lockheed Martin Harnesses Quantum Technology  
march 21 2013

Now, Lockheed Martin — which bought an early version of such a computer from the Canadian company D-Wave Systems two years ago — isconfident enough in the technology to upgrade it to commercial scale, becoming the first company to use quantum computing as part of its business.

Yep I think if this doesn`t Mimic the Movie, I don`t know what would
heres the latest news were they are now with Quantom PC`s

Scientists Produce Most Stable Qubit, Largest Quantum Circuit Yet

               Nanotechnology military air force applications

This some scary stuff huh ..............naaaa Seen at all before in the Movies    :-))

They even told us they were coming with it, but whom was really listening.... Hay I wasn`t and I was  from that era   :-))   God be with us all My Friends, No Fear with God.  Thomas

                   Pink Floyd Welcome to the Machine

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