Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ebola Preparedness........There is Love

Folks Hi, I am putting up this video for you to watch and I hope You all can spread this far and wide to tell everyone about Not to do the Gov. Dirty work. There are two forms of rabies one that causes hallucinations the other is rage, They took the rage rabies and combined  it with Ebola and placed it in the Vaccines. 
Now you know why all the Zombie Movies and such.

Gov. Looking for Volunteers to Man PODs for Dispensing Ebola Vaccines

                  The Fake Ebola Virus Exposed - It's In The Vaccine!

                        NO volunteers = SATAN looses       Here`s  a new twist, what can every one do,                                              absolutely nothing in reguards for helping Man kind with Volunteering for the Gov.

Now for preparedness:Hello Good people, much Peace and strength with you all at this point in time now, which is the most important indeed. The past we can learn by only, its already gone. The future is not yet come , and everything we do in this moment shapes all future events. So in truth right now is the only thing that really matters. Many refer to it as 0 time the place were all things exist. You have heard in Heaven there is no time.  Truly it is a mortal concept. 
Re:10:6: And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer:

Enough said there, so what shall we do with the time left before these things that are coming? One concern is we should consider is doing what we can for our loved ones  and ourselves with this Ebola thing at our door ayyy? 
OK looking at this thing in Categories is 1. Martial law (medically or otherwise) being declared in result from it or anticipation of it coming (fake or not) with quarantine on top of it. I  was listening to a preparing video and what this guy was saying was correct " don`t you actually want to be isolated from others as not to contract the virus further?" Absolutely, and if you do, then you must start 
thinking in a self preservation mode without outside help what so ever.  Like; 1. food ; a month or more leaning more towards much more            2. Water; averge 1gal/day/person  Most important item
                     3. solid wast disposal; Bury it or bag it just don`t live with it :-)
                      4. medications; as much as possible say 3-6 months
                      5. Short wave radio (hand crank)
                      6. Things to help relieve stress of confinement; cards, board games, music, art etc  make a diary Maybe of each day. Things you talk to the lord on. Remember at this stag there will be no more internet or anyone telling you alot, so you must wait for the Spirit to come for you and be ready. Like a son would wait for his Dad to come to get him, and take him home. :-)) how glorious that will be. If you are with others, how lucky you are truly, "for 2 or more gathered in his name there is Love( of Heaven)"
   Other things ; like candles, blankets for heat, I would buy alot of Trash bags plastic.
Remember there will be no electric, gas, water, food deliveries , fire protection services, ambulances etc,  think biblical living :-)

Ok now that thats all out there the good news I can tell you is this.
How to protect and cure yourself if needed of Ebola or any major virus, dysentary, flu etc. 
1. Ultraviolet light will sterilize everything if your rich enough to own a small one  around 4000 bucks, but not the body its not good for it
2. Colloidal  Silver, You can nuy it at any GNC store  Major good medicine for Ebola and all sorts of other things internal and external .

                    How Colloidal Silver kills Germs. Size Does Matter!


3. Oil of Oregano is excellant medicine and more paralleling C Silver,



Peter, Paul and Mary - Wedding Song "There is Love" (25th Anniversary Concert)

Be blessed my friends...................:-)  Thomas
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