Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ebola Update....10/12/14

A quick update on this fun Ebola game ;-) I linked to videos below
 that shows 1. 2nd Patient in Texas tests positive for Ebola 2. A person who they found in a building with Ebola Symptoms is now in Boston Hospital and report by Top Doctor on Virus of its present situation with seemingly authentic Authority. So in view of Connecticut's declaration of Authority to the Commissioner of State Health 100% power to act, when may I add there was not one case in the state or at that time anywhere near it. Then right out of the blue it shows up in Boston, 3 hours to the north of us here. I am in the center southern portion of Connecticut by the water. I guess maybe God wants me right here to report first hand from the front lines huh?  hay yaaa Me! :-))  its cool,  Let Jesus be your doctor People always, be one with those of great faith, as he has said "Do all those things I have done"  Amen

                         EBOLA NOW IN BOSTON!


Below is a very credible site on Ebola Research and other things of much importance. This is pretty much the entire truth behind the vale of lies of the Government and big Business . I know its longer then most, but well worth the time. Ounce you yourself can understand whats going on, only then can you tell others and the ones you love to help release them from the vale of lies they live under. Its a fantastic presentation and God bless those that have stayed the course in finding the truth, even if it is just that of Mortal nature.  " For if the Good man of the house(his soul) knew what hour the thief would come he would have watched and not suffered his house(soul) to be broken up"
Here a note to watch for during this video at 21:32 mins toward the end You will notice the inventor of this thing slip and say "in this vaccine" when he was talking about the Rabbis virus and whats in it.


My next Blog will be about Personal preparations for yourself and Home and your love ones as promised My friends.     No fear with God.. Thomas  :-)
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