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Prophesy.......and Fate

Welcome People, I really would like to relate that I am not a New ager, illuminist or anything to do with this stuff that are not of the Soul according to God through the truth of Jesus Christ our Lord, and I know that most know that, but just in case my friends, I am with you too. :-))

I do realize that the information I have been putting out lately concerning Paul(Saul) in the Bible book and even the stories in the Bible itself I have laid down to being just stories and truthfully, not as divine as everyone assumes them to be.

Ok let me stop here and tell you all why this stuff is so important. It is a rather large amount of information concerning the proof or disproof of one or two of the biggest questions of all times that no one has been able to explain or even come close to explaining.

The question is;
1.  , If God knows everything , where is all this free will of choice coming from?
2.  If we do create our own destiny that we know is true by what we have already done and proved, what is with this Prophesy story that is going to happen no matter what we do as they call it in the Bible?

The free will of God is easy to understand actually. God put his seed into us to become divine with him if we choose too or not, and that is the free will choice people, good or bad, not what kind of job should I take. But be mindful in knowing that which ever path one choose you will receive the resulting fruits associated. The only thing that can change any of that is repentance of sins before passing. There is another way that is explained in Pistis Sophia and should be first understood with knowing the Mysteries of God.  

Now below is the definition of prophesy, and notice that Prophesy can be taken from any and all sources, and not exclusively from proven divine individuals, although I do believe some are valid with proper proof indeed. Also it states that the term prophesy relates to a fulfilling of divine
threats along with promises . Threats are not associated with the ineffable Father but rather the Demiurge (Satan), being that they are in the old testament were the God of  War excels in activity, and with John the baptist prophesy was cut off (No more) according to our Lord.  

The definition and

Synonym Discussion of prophesy   

foretellpredictforecastprophesyprognosticate mean to tell beforehand. foretell applies to the telling of the coming of a future event by any procedure or any source of information<seers foretold the calamity>predict commonly implies inference from facts or accepted laws of nature<astronomers predicted an eclipse>forecast adds the implication of anticipating eventualities and differs from predict in being usually concerned with probabilities rather than certainties <forecast snow>prophesy connotes inspired or mystic knowledge of the future especially as the fulfilling of divine threats or promises <prophesying a new messiah>.prognosticate is used less often than the other words; it may suggest learned or skilled interpretation, but more often it is simply a colorful substitute for predict or prophesy<prognosticating the future>.

In truth, pretty well much everyone believes that the word Prophesy means a revelation of God the Father through and by anyone or thing that is stated at any time. Thats pretty ridiculous folks, in fact by the actual meaning of the word just means to tell the future by saying something now or before hand.
If I told people I was going to eat something tomarrow, then did just that, Yes ,it is prophesy that was told, but a self fulfilling Prophesy it was yes?

At this point I am prepping your souls for openness so as not to be opinionated to one side or the other untill the facts, as much as possible as mortals , we can gather to seek out truth. 

So with all that aboved stated I wish to discuss another word which is  "FATE" that has a lot to do with Prophesy

ie; He sat there and did nothing, so his fate was sealed.
ie2; They had no idea of what fate awaited them in that bus on the mountain that day, if they did they might have averted it.

Basically fate is that which is a pre-determind outcome of one or many.

a prophetic declaration of what must be:

The oracle pronounced their fate.

 Fate is pretty well much death, destruction and calamity which fits in with Christ describing the Mystery of Baptism.

Lu:12:52: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.

House =  you
VS..... separated by baptism (born again daily if needed)
Counterfeit Spirit

This explanation is by Christ`s words in the Gospel of Pistis Sophia Primarily Book 3 but mentions throughout all books

The Mystery of Baptism, or forgiveness of sins or being born again are pretty much all the same, and one of the most Vital mysteries we can have for salvation as a single soul and /or many.

So now coming full circle here ,taking in all the facts above This book called the bible is many things indeed and really should be understood as such. It is one of the biggest points of deciphering wright from wrong. Yes there are some very divine facts of our lord and his kingdom primarily repeated from the Gnostic texts and others in the bible, But on the other hand there are great manipulative stories and lies to subvert your understanding of Self, soul,Christ , the church, salvation and more.

the biggest of lies is that it says to believe in this book and no other and do not change it, when it has been over 60 times.It says to look for a city of Gold to come down , when Christ was strictly against wealth and vain ownership in jewels etc. 
Remember the eye of a needle and camel story. 

I summary my friends, there is a great mixture of Good and bad in this Book indeed and way less then 50% good so be very careful for after 14 solid years of research on everything and mainly my connection with the holy Spirit giving me proof and reproof, the bible is Fate for the soul. It locks you in, It wants you to read only it, No other scriptures like hundreds of people are so violent to repeat in their protection of it.  Has Christ in any scriptures, ever told you that the Holy word needed protecting? No, its the other way around my friends, the holy word protects the soul/you.

This book was compiled under the authority of  Constantine, a Son God worshiper, and in truth He did it to unify all his Nation`s Religous beliefs together, Occult and Christian in one book Constantines New Testament.
Both sides gave up a little tradition of their own, the Christians gave up Saturday worship because the occults worship days were all on Sunday, and the Occult members believed in Jesus Christ....or did they really ?  A good lie maybe huh?
well my friends each of you must decide yourself for you own destiny is created by you only.
In the words of our lord remember this, 

He said; 

There is nothing for man not to know
Blessing to all indeed........

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