Friday, February 12, 2016

What the world is going though......


Hay or rather Hey my Friends, I have always spelled it like that. I pray everyone is acquiring a new knowledge(Gnosis) within yourselves of yourselves  and is finding a new strength that you never new you had in your outlook to the world now and present being in that world, and is finding overwhelming comfort with that after all the Amazement we have shared.  Christ called it Truly knowing one self . You will begin to acquire more aspects in thinking as Christ within yourself the more you do the thing as he has done. Just like it has been printed. But Most folks have never thought about the powers of the Mysteries of God you also we may use.
Here is something many have never contemplated, As a Human being living in the world and if he or she moves their lives forward in a way of Goodness to your fellow man and Yourself. In ways that are building positive attributes to your present being like caring, profound love, sharing truthfully, helping non-objectively and with no hidden agenda and many more. As we do these things no matter what your alleged Religious belief is you will  automatically take on the feeling of being Christ like ,which is a great thing indeed. even a proclaimed atheist doing these things will feel the same, and he will wonder why , which is exactly what the power (Gods light) wants to have happen in them.  See Jesus told those that questioned the Road to the Father;  You can believe on me or do all the things I have done.
Never has an Or been so important because it takes all peoples into account and keeps the word as one. Thus anyone can enter the Kingdom of Lights without having to be affiliated with any Earthly traditional belief of Building.
Catholics use to say(cause I was an alter boy) not going to Church was a sin, which was a lie indeed. I will sum this part up from the only Gnostic book in the bible.
Joh:1:12: But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name
He tells of No church worship exclusion here does he. All souls who find Him and Gods way will be there, period.
everything else here is from the father of Lies believed by men following themselves. Most have never seen it or others whom have lost their way, like Solomon.
ouroboros - seal of solomon stained glass
King Solomon seal

Just the Facts Brother and sisters
So with Israel being allegedly one of the most important players in the earthly contest of Good and evil which side do you think the best made plans came from.
There has been manipulation of men since Adam and eve or The beginning of the Mortal Aeon creation and some call it the big Bang  :-)  what ever you may think of the actual begging is your choice friends.
Most people like to play the martyr game because it gives attention to themselves just for doing the right thing. The thing they do it right for is God is it not. So by taking the credit away from God is for who ?.......ohhh not good folks
Yes this is called Vanity also, Do you all remember the movie with All Pacino who plays the Devil were by he says  " ohhhh Vanity my favorit sin"
People we are what we do, we are what we say say and feel 
yes eat, pretty much everything yaa...
.gives new meaning to   "be good"  and God speed..

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