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3/25/14 sing a song

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Hay Folks , Like WOW this is pretty out there, but it kinda fits everything huh? The article states it does not know why they are doing this, they say maybe propaganda. Kinda like instead of burning the american flag, they are going to blow up this ship? I don`t thing even they are that wasteful.
Personally I think it may be apart of a false flag event to try and start some kind of War. The N.W.O top brass does not care how it gets done, just do it. Control out of Chaos. .
remember to keep the light of God about you when investigating all these Mechanizations.

             Why is Iran Building a Mock U.S. Aircraft Carrier?


My note: for some reason the site has made a see more button below hmm ....maybe the information.  please look, its good people

Well Well
, Proof of the so called conspiracy people comes naught , but proves our summation of things in the Ukraine crisis. read this shocker folks
There is a Video from U tube in there were you can Here our lustrous ass secretary of state say " F**K the EU  :-O  :-) lol

WATCHFUL ALERT: This site is Lieing propaganda and its stories are  by People who do not exist, but all lead back to the sites owner
David Booth..///                                            

sorcha faal disinfo    explains all
If you notice close in it title banner there is a masonic/ Illuminati symbolism over biblical ones in each of the 5 sections its divided into.The winged white horse over instead of Angels over Heaven, 2. the Mason compass over the Cross. 3. to women worshiping a green dragon. 4 Isis/Mary standing higher than Jesus Christ and in a worshipful fashion.5 and last the taro cards over the arc. Now if you go to the bottom of the page you can clearly see.

WhatDoesItMean.Com Is One Of The Top Ranked Websites In The World For New World Order, Conspiracy Theories And Alternative News

This statement they make above very much states their intent . This is were the rabbit hole gets tough, through the right way you know things or should I say the words and Love of God, You must find the truth within the Lies if you care too when going on one of these sites. It took me a couple of days to research this site as to it intent. Good Luck folks be safe.

News today....

    S0 News March 25, 2014: Climate News, Spaceweather

Music time... feeling good

                  I just want to celebrate - Rare Earth TKV

    Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower - original music video

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well Good people till next we meet , God speed and good journey..

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