Thursday, March 27, 2014

3/27/14 hanford

 Have sun shiny Day

Hello Folks much peace with you all as we seek together here of things from Heaven to heck you know.:-)) LOL
As we see the world loading up with Radioactive particles I`m getting ready to see a can of Tuna fish read  New, now with added cesium 137  Bad Joke huh? oh well shoot me now  LOL.
I could imagine the stuff George Carlin would come up with Now.



Hanford  remember that place? we thought we would keep an eye on? well  "here goes another rubber tree plant" This is a cleshay for us older crowd ayy?  you young folk can just say "One more time" LOL 

      Workers Being Evacuated From Hanford Nuclear Site.

The news........


S0 News March 27, 2014: Major News, U-Yen Update, Spaceweather



Lets have some change of pace today......This pretty wild  ....enjoy

Love those notes


This next video I heard close to 20 years ago which was a really Moving Song which was also Band by the Government. After hearing again today I realize it was a song telling all service men about post traumatic stress syndrome prior to getting it, and the Government couldn`t have that knowledge out there. Even today its somewhat disputed.. very few have heard this one.

           Still in Saigon- Charlie Daniels Band (history video)

Keep your Faith strong People, no fear...God is great

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