Tuesday, November 18, 2014

cause, effect and solution,,, yes we are all three .. the elite

Hello folks , good day to you all. By now we should all be prophets in the self fulfilling sense of the word when it comes to understanding the things we read in the main stream news. Take for instance the amount of total and above board coverage they are giving this Ferguson issue.  yaa their probably was allot of lies and set ups associated with this whole thing initially , making both sides possibly innocent or guilty in a perceptive way each of us look at it, and that is the initial  Cause   for all the goings on now that any intelligent being should know that this was a set up, false flag you name it. See the first steps in all these things like Ebola, bird flue, remember the anthrax scar, terrorist, fukashima, and a score of other events(lies) that they say are circumstantial or acidents A  famous President 

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.

Ounce the elite get the cause done all they need to do is nurture it alone until it starts blazing on its own (sometimes used in a figurative way).  This will be the EFFECT where it can resort to attacking another country while a treaty of question can now be signed.  the effect will grow until its is of use or with luck it will fade away without public participation 

or interest. Like this Ebola thing seams to be doing that  yay! 
I have a funny feeling with all this immense Ferguson coverage and they have brought all eyes to watch this vote on whether to indict or not, they will be stretching this first part out as long as possible to gain the on lookers in the country and the world actually. then they will vote to indict him Which will be a great Victory for all the people and make a long drawn out court case like  the  Monica   Lewinsky deal or OJ Simpson trial remember.  Then when everything will grow to a fever pitch with the entire country`s police and NGuard forces deployed and the the world will be watching this one stupid little trial the Elite will find him NOT GUILTY.,,, and the country will explode then goes the world when it will seam like the rug got pulled out from beneath them. This will be the solution to their madness and all mankind will have fallen right in line.  Order out of Chaos... a perfect timing for Martial law.

Now this is just an educated guess on my part, but truly a feasible outcome indeed. I guess will now here shortly Friends.



                                       ohio- neil young

Please people tell whom ever will listen ,don`t fall for the man made violence this time it won`t be 4 like then, this time will be tens of thousands. Use you new knowledge of things .... God Speed people
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