Saturday, November 29, 2014

Good day people, today i have noticed a completely Laughable article that looks so official and series like. Its the one marked its a lie  below. For those that are newbies here My earlier blogs will indicate my expertise in the nuclear field and the workings of all types of radiation on the body and things around us, so let me continue. There are two basic types of radiation, Particles and Rays  or you may say, sand or Light respectively. The first type Particles,  which are Alpha and beta Particles which comes from irradiated materials like sand and dirt they only have radiation at very and very very close in  proximity to the source like a spec of dirt  or dust in the air. Now as long as these particles stay on the outside of the Body our skin and clothing are enough shielding to be  completely harmless. But if they go airborne to were we might breath them in or they get deposited on food and such as long as we take containment precautions in those areas there is no need for alarm but if someone has breath them in and suffering from radiation sickness, they are in no way contageous my friends. In fact they will be shielding the effects from everybody else, and the problem with helping someone like that is You cannot remove the radiation ounce it is ingested.  Now with wave type or Rays.... Like take micro wave for instance, ounce you pull the plug or turn off the switch there is no more danger.
So what I`m saying  it`s funny to here about  Quarantine in this field of work. After a nice shower one would be total clean and safe on the outside. Also you cannot breath Radiation out. 

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 “Cleanup can’t be done… They lied from the start, Tepco is a den of inequity”   

the true always wins

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Also don`t forget to order your potassium iodide pills and watch the latest back ground radiation levels my friends.
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Catch you all later and put God in all you do... Tom
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