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Hi there people in some of my first Blogs I explain to many how I was a Radiation worker on the Hottest(Radio-logically speaking) Submarine there was on earth at that time  The USS Nautilus. I received roughly 3.57 Rem of Total whole body radiation in the time I was in the Navy. The limits even for Rad. workers were 50% less than what they are today. I got all my training in the Service over 2-3 years worth of outside college or out side training by General electric schools for their Nuc plants and they crammed it into one year. we had many guys leaving or failed out because of stress from studies and such .  the course, it was a top notch education and we were told the nitty gritties about Radiation etc. and even so many things we found out on our own. There is so much the public does not know and has been lied to in every way. I have told you all here about the differance between Beta ,Gama and Alpha Radiation and all the amenities associated with them 
= Radiation knowledge of
https: Potasium Iodide and more
I have been watching this scenario unfold without delight indeed
because I know where it is going. when they start saying things like China Syndrome and the entire Pacific ocean is now dead with nothing in it, even the regular untrained people in Nuclear should realize it should have been on the News with action taken from Day one, but it wasn`t and you should be pondering the reason why it wasn`t even more than the unfolding horror ahead of us here with this. There will still be those silly individuals that say I never saw allot of it on the news how bad is it really.  Remember how bad Chernobyl was for those that can ? they stopped their bleeding .  this is greater and hasn`t even begun to stop.
I urge all people and tell whom ever will listen to think about taking Potassium Iodide pills now or very very soon. Read the reports below and remember Potassium Iodide  keeps the Thyroid  Gland healthy from Radiation .  

nytimes-doctors-call-banning-thyroid-cancer-screening-tsunami-thyroid-cancer-stop-diagnosis-decrease-screening-need-actively-discourage-early-detection   Nov 7 2014

below is a little old but very relevant article to the above on
japan-professor-outbreak-cancer-fukushima-children-clear-evidence-epidemic-underway-all-japan-being-exposed-nuclear-radiation-govt-official-will-be-disastrous-conclude-actual-increase-thyroid-ca  Aug 10 2014



hay look a this this finally see that maybe the huge swirling Typhoon had a tiny bit of effect on the site.. who would a figured?.  :-)

/headline-fukushima-radiation-identified-northern-california-50-west-coast-samples-test-positive-7-bqm3-cesium-137-shore-expected-keep-rising-years-map   11/10/14

/emergency-govt-network-radiation-testing-food-supply-democrat-republican-conventions-after-fukushima-obama-inauguration-seafood-meat-fruits-vegetables-milk-water-all-checked-radiological-contami    Nov 5  2014


                 fukushima radiation dispersal area part/1

I placed this last video here not to scare but to fortify the truth that we know now to allow the truth even more solid and a good reason to see  the prophesy ahead hear includes all of us. as Christ tells us;
M't:5:18: For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.I`ll be honest with you, Australia is looking pretty dang good right now huh?   Good journey friends.... :-) 


X Class Solar Flare, Tornado Genesis | S0 News November 8, 2014

An oldy and am appropriate goody

                                    The Firm-Radioactive

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