Tuesday, April 14, 2015

news update 4/14/15

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Well folks we have finally got to the point of all the Tepco voices are saying "WE DON`T KNOW WHAT TO DO"  Good God we didn`t see that one coming ayy? The technology has not yet been invented to deal with such problems. Cart before the horse or what.
well unless we get any new explosions which would increase the time in approaching the lasting effects of all this, watching the cause of this situation is done with and the only thing left to watch are the effects now as it spreads. after the immediate area in Japan the USA is the closest next hit, which you can seeing happening by the latest report below.


japan-times-150-dolphins-wash-ashore-multiple-locations-around-50-miles-fukushima-border-be-largest-mass-stranding-reported-japan-govt-expert-dolphins-psychological-problems-video 4/11/15
Caused by Cern, Radiation and food shortages in that order folks.


This is the reason for Potassium Iodide


News In Two Minutes - Yemeni Crisis - Bird Flu Die Off - China Oil - Radiation - Survival

This is a very good perspective outlook regarding all this stuff that has been going down folks. Its definitely worth the the 7 minutes to put a needed information sequence into your future observation of things, indeed.

Power Outage in Washington/Maryland part of an ongoing Military Exercise?



Now with all that said, the phrase that is the most meaningful is 
" Do not listen to what they say, but rather watch what they do"  Do these two gentlemen really look like they Hate each other and going into ww3 against each other?    "again watch what they do"

           Putin and Obama share a laugh at G-20


     Obama, Putin Handshakes and Smiles at G20 Summit

Yes that is a good thing to remember, that virtually every country is on board with this NWO takeover crap if the country is of any significant importance, and I`m talking about its leaders absolutely. How far it goes down in ranks is subject to your own research of any particular country. In our country I would say 80+ in Sennett and house, executive 100%, judicial 90-100%  Big business is mixed to the majority on board then the country filter down threw police and local jurisdictions and affiliates. 
So now here is a whole new Story or false flag. You have been hearing about this Jade helm 15 operation with a slew of other ones happening around the country now in 15 or so states that I have heard, most likely more. allot of people like myself have the words "Martial Law" connected to this. This is actually a Hide and seek game that is being played out in real life. but the bullets are real. Below is the newest report on this yet, it talks about ISIS now being 8 miles from Texas Border town. Now stop and think , all this Jade helm stuff has been denied by or not being announce accept only on alternative media like we are doing here.
Well I have been thinking "how is the military just going to go from drill to the real thing for no reason.?) Guess what? this ISIS thing is being published on every major News channel Fox,Washington post, wall street journal, CNN etc.
They want us now to know that danger is lurking close by and The USA will save us , so do as they say and stay in your homes for safty reasons while we risk our lives fighting these evil people, Right?  Turn in all your weapons so ISIS will not get them to use them against us we will protect you. what a line of crap  huh?   Of what I imagine They will play one side against the other in Gun confiscation ie; prison camps ,chips and Martial Law.
This is just an educated theory right now My friends so be ye a watchman unto your own house brothers.


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