Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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good day and blessings to you people, sorry for any delay, I`ve been sick for a week or so.
This my friends is one of the most recent articles. I don`t report to much on this issue anymore cause this is definitely a battle we lost, but then again , really didn`t start. The summary is pretty well "We don`t know and we can`t possibly fix anything " I guess anything is up, right... thats the sad part, we haven`t reach bottom on this one yet.  So I will still be bring stories to light that concerns us with Global radiation exposure  and local to us here , seeing that the US is the first to receive and changes from Fukashima. Sort of like the stock market in reverse "-))

               "China Syndrome" at Fukushima/Update

also; as time clicks on USA/Canada/experts-food-web-crashing-pacific-ocean-be-honest-insane-could-equate-war-zone-whats-going-fish-tv-food-shortage-happening-all-down-west-coast-videos

Another one just today by  dahboo 7

Massive Blackout Hits Turkey, Grounding Planes and Stopping Subways

       BREAKING: Saudi Arabia starts bombing Yemen

Well folks I think one of the biggest issues we should be following closely is a Untied States Joint forces Military "So called " training exersize named JADE HELM 15
It is a very multi-faceted subject indeed I have been trying to piece things together in the most understanding way. If everyone who is going to put on Christ hasn`t not yet, Now would be a great time to start Bro`s  indeed.
I realize this is going to be an ongoing and on growing event. If there is going to be militia revolution, which I personally have no idea, This is the time it would start to evolve. I Urge everyone to do your own research with this because there are so many stories , I promise if big news comes up, you`ll hear it Folks

'Jade Helm' Update: 17 Texas Cities, Soldiers to Operate Undetected In Civilian Populations

HUGE FEMA DOME IN TEXAS? EW Near schools &Activating RED & BLUE Lists Along With Fema Camps 2013 

All these training episodes have been going on for a long time without us knowing about it. I remember telling my friends and family about the red and blue markings since back in 2006. Below is a demo of just some of that courage that has spoken out.

 Cop Talks About FEMA Camps & Red Blue Dots

One of the most important things to be doing now my good friends is keeping the world of God alive within you and around you with including those who also believe in the love of God as much as you can. There are allot of people coming out now saying save the country or the constitution or save the something else that is of the physical realm, I hope you all do realize that this is impossible to do, everything happening in this world we are presently visiting is being directed by the elite powers that have been there for a thousand or so years. Any soul who by seeking the knowledge of the father and loving his ultimate existance in us can limit the effects of the darkside upon our fellow souls during these end days. 

M't:24:22: And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.
M'r:13:20: And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.
The explanation of this shortening is that when Jesus Christ went into Hades for 3 days after he was crucified He shortened the effectiveness of the powers of the Archons, by making it more difficult to carry out their spells of influence. this was by the Fathers direction to do this. This shortening has also effected souls upon the earth that believe will see it and , those that don`t will not see it, only say that "it always seams there is just not enough time in the day" I`m sure some of you understand this.   There are many who is seeing the truth in things now, and some just think they do by listening to those mega churches and such. People are caught up in the numbers game. You cannot bring the true belief to another by way of a pep rally. Its a momentary rush , thats all. If I may help but one soul in all my life to see the truth which was shown me may that be blessed upon the Heavens.

Strength and Peace always my Brothers and Sisters.........Thomas

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