Sunday, April 5, 2015

When Bizarre becomes the normal

Greetings fellow travelers, Yes the truth is becoming more like science fiction every day we get up, the trick here is to keep up to the truthful change and discard the rest, the lies the governments are handing out to all the peoples of the world. I know I have given alot of information on the LHC and Jade Helm 15. These two  videos below are the latest fact finding  scenarios  concerning  both  these subjects. The thing to figure out with any type of information that is talking of truth is 1) whether or not it is a false flag or not. A false flag is usually repeated by certain known sources of lying previous and as far as expanding into the community of news it doesn`t except for a small portion sometimes. Government cover-ups are becoming easier to peg because of the size of the cover up and also the length of time they spend covering it up id short lived. A good example is Fukashima, not a word almost. landing on the moon- no follow up such an achievement huh?  In these videos you will see in my opinion a vortex/worm hole opening over the gulf of Aden. when all the countries Navies rushed there with no news about crap.

My good friends I lately have been trying to disprove the facts that this Jade Helm 15 in being the real deal and not just a drill, but the more convinces me to believe ones one finding, as I search in the way mentioned above. the biggest eye opener was my god son Patrick is a special forces veteran and his staff Sargent said well watch out for D-day July 15. People these are two biggest and most active stories on the web now, as far as drought, fame, even casper the not so friendly ghost in your waffle iron or TV :-))  all will happen after the Jade(China) Helm(captain) 2015.   what we can do right now is tell as many people as possible not to volunteer for this insane so called make believe drill when its NOT. They will be taken people away for real. They alway lie, from the Father of lies, the thing they are trying to bring through that star-gate.

BREAKING!!! THE LHC CERN HAS FIRED UP!! Jade Helm 15 Expands To Ohio!!!

CERN Stargate Portal Opening Imminent? War In Yemen; Gulf Of Aden Vortex; Norway Spiral Connected?

Yes it seems the deeper and I have gotten into all this thing we call mortal life the Fantastic the real answer is and If wasn`t for the Glory of God through Christ and the Holy Spirit, probably would have lost it a bit ago, but like everyone has his or her own quest in the eon along sides of Jesus Christ also this is why I came here to be the go between in the name of God of the mortal and celestial realms, where I do not claim to know all the answers but to help live them with others so they to can see his glory and the places he makes for us also. Love ya all teem :-)
For anyone wondering what I look like, I don`t have many pics at all of myself but kinda like Willie Nelson and Jerry Garcia with a touch of Neil young :-))......Stay the course.
Kind of corney but still good................

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