Saturday, March 21, 2015

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It`s getting fun up here in the northern hemisphere huh?
put on your booty`s and grab your duck tape folks, welcome to our nightmare. Good God I knew I was going to be apart of this end times stuff from long ago, just didn`t know How I was going to be involved. I pray I`m always on the helping side my friends.

Here is a good site that returned 3 days ago..... from silence.

News In Two Minutes - Global Food Crisis - Islamic State(Craft) - Drought - Bird Flu In Missouri

this is the latest drought map of US, pretty alarming indeed.


 California Drought Could Impact World Food Prices
Now this video you have just watched is date Jan 2014 that 14 onths ago, and nothing has changed.


          Native Americans, Las Vegas Battle Over Water
This one is one month ago


           Arizona Fallows Farms to save water for cities

This one folks is just last month, so you can see a global trend happening which will be the first indicated , next will be the food problem globally as you heard.

Arctic Vortex Shift/Drought Declared Oregon/WA.

I do agree with this last assessment that the earth has changed and most likely will not return to the past pattern were no good has ever came from crying over what was , but rather embrace and learn to live in whats ahead of us.  some other peoples have been watching over time also.  They have no TV`s no instruments to measure stuff but rather observe and count on it for their very lives. 


                          Inuit People on Pole Shift

My next update will on were the globe is at in this so called war footing.  Be good friends..... Tom

A nice treat.....................................

                  Traffic & Jerry Garcia Mr Dear Fantasy


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