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Cosmos Parade

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a 

field somewhere and don't notice it.” 

― Alice WalkerThe Color Purple

I have always found that statement to be an interesting paradigm in the relation of things and God.  .. lol

This picture above to me would indicate the color of the soul on average, having a very good day.
The Soul, a subject that is really is only touched at brief points around its circumference of true understanding and definition of. Although there is much teaching by Jesus Christ in His Gnostic scriptures that are exclusively named by Him only on this subject and many others, Along with the written word, ones also must learn the process of connecting Spiritually with our creator Jesus Christ, for he is alone the one that holds all knowledge of the Universe, and fulfills the scripture of ask and ye shall receive as we truly have been and will again.
Gnosis is nothing more then praying one on one with the Father, also to Fast from this world and connect with him is another way of putting it , and also being born again and returning to the father each time for another glorious unification and self revelation at longer intervals to receive proper His light. A good example of this is the disciple Peter trying to walk on water for a short period before falling in from little faith.
who we are , I mean our substance from a divine explanation of construction. Hay I`m a mechanic and ask him that, but took quite awhile of seeking and research before I became aware to the major portion of our make up in this realm. Ok You most remember all power is of the Father, His power is in every living thing or else it could not stand. A portion of His power was misused and created Samuel (False God) yep Satan, YHWH, Yaltaboth etc. Then He  manipulated an entity of Heaven to steal much more of Her power away. She was Zoe the daughter of the Barbella /Holy Spirit and also Christ consort , His female partner of the Celestial realm , basically being cast down after falling from Satans lies and tricked . After repenting for Her unfaithfulness the father acsepted her plea and put things in the workings to rectify the error.

I do understand how much information there is to remember here and it would be a big benefit to read  Apocrypha of John  : 
/apocjn-short.html     which would give you allot of basic background in all this.

OK we, in short, by the power of the Father, Design of the Parents or Holy Spirit and the motion of the rulers/Arcons in the realm created Mankind's prison body from the dirt. Remember it said;   
Ge:1:26: And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:
Notice the underlined words are all plural, indicating it was a joint effort, in which it was, if you read the above mention scripture, that also makes perfect sense now of things.
For since the first man walked the earth , He has been put down,  degraded, stomped on and told he is not worthy in every shape and form known to man and demon  I guess also huh? when the truth of Mankind creation is the entirely opposite. Think for a moment we as children of God (for the ones that know it) can connect with the celestial realm above, any time we wish and it takes a fraction of a second for us to do so if we wish to. The main message of Jesus Christ right? All other religions persecute man in some way to confined him within a Box or Paradigm of controlled knowledge and understanding. Believe me there are allot of things you think that are the words of God which are not. Here are some factors to look for; 
1. Any organization looking to confine or limit the Spiritual growth of another is not of God or his word. 
Like denying the eucharist to those who are sinning, I though that was why he came. Oh thats right I was suppose to tell these folks what I did wrong and give God 24 hours to fix it, oh ya leave some money too. Then I can go to mass and receive , and leave some money, but ounce a month leave more money. LOLOL Good God a pretty lucrative business isn`t it? intact richest one on the globe.
2. And the savior presented these things to him that he might write them down and keep them secure. And he said to him, "Cursed be everyone who will exchange these things for a gift or for food or for drink or for clothing or for any other such thing.
Any organization that has wantonness of earthly things can in no way be an example to Mankind for the righteousness of following of the word of God. God does not barter with us. does he not give us freely upon our asking? we shalt not barter for Him from another man. that`s ridiculous. They all should get a Job at Burger king, probably make more friends huh?
3. Double speak, their words and action do not coincide. Also they keep talking without looking into your eyes, like stag acting, and having an egocentric personality.
woops back to the Soul

Lu:12:52: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.

This my friends is a scripture from the Bible, yes it is true,yes it is a parable , ,meaning a story explaining the true meaning. those who have read the Gnostics of Christ writings already know its true meaning.
The house is referring to You, the total package everything which number is five.  It talks three against two  or,   Bad against Good 

The three are Fate, Body and counterfeit Spirit

Fate is that place you are going to end up from doing nothing at all.
         ex; If we don`t pay our rent we will end up on the street.
               Formed within dark  characteristics,  ultimately                           mindlessness the female side to Satan if one could imagine.
The Body  is that which is ruled by the soul, but moved also by Spirit from anywhere if the soul allows it, or does nothing and then it gets into trouble ayy?  Form by the rullers

Counterfeit Spirit  was created by the rulers to continually try to make the Body Sin. You have seen those cute little commercials with the angle and Devil girls on each shoulder. This happens continually where the soul gets mark with sin it does and if not repented at the time of separation each item needs to be paid for by the holder to each of the 12 levels of rulers first.

The two are soul and Spirit

SOUL  is You. A person does not have a soul , they are a soul. One cannot escape this fact , a soul can take on as much Light or lack of it, it wishes to.IE free will. Be careful on the later there is a no return point. You can look at it like a Car battery, you need a little in it to charge it up, or it needs replacement. The key is simple keep it bright (closest to God as you can muster). The soul controls all those things mentioned previous.

SPIRIT is plain and simple God the Father and or every emanation from him. Seek him and that`s the path of your destiny which  totally opposite of the Fate. He is the pure Light that is talk of within man.
Joh:1:9: That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

To sum up here the five in one house scripture is that trough the Mystery of Baptism/forgiveness of sins the red group will be made separate from the blue righteous group by the holy spirit invoking this mystery until the body sins again a starts collecting marks lol so to speak, I pray all stay separate but thats saying allot truly.

I do have allot more info on the soul for sure but this is getting lenthy indeed friends huh? so we shall call this 
                       end of part one :-))

Good one  ...........................................................God bless People

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