Monday, March 9, 2015

Image of God?

Welcome my friends, and peace in Jesus Christ indeed to you all. This article is going to be for some a very earth shaking Knowledge and truth to understand and believe. The one thing I guess thats helping us come easier to understand these truths shown us is that most of the world has been lies we have seen already ayy?
The scripture below , everyone knows it and probably could resite it at any given time but few ever realized that they were doing the exact thing it told us not to do, yes including myself :-), until I understood. 
But understanding is one thing, believing it and changing your inner way of seeing things now is different , that takes a little more time. This all about the simple pictorial image of the alledged Jesus Christ in many forms but basically the same. 

Christ, by Heinrich Hofmann.jpgJesus sits atop a mount, preaching to a crowdTwelve depictions of Jesus from around the world

Ex:20:4: Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: 

Ahayah Yashiya Cesare Borgia - Son Of Alexander Pope V1- Jesus - Zeus Portrayed To Be Christ YASHIYA

My good friends Satan has screwed with the children of God from the start till this very moment, He is working 24/7 to make us fall and be consumed to show our Father he won. But we know he won`t indeed not.

These pictures below ,,well it is kind of interesting to say the least, there was alot of articles concerning what the real look of Jesus could have been and scientist came up with the first picture. I myself was looking through all the pictures on " " to find a picture of the thinker as I used in one of my older articles and while surfing found the second  one which moved me so much as to tthinking what He realy looked like I had to copy it and use it, only to find out its almost a virtual match.
I believe the spirit wanted me to see that this way to let me know I`m still in tune , which I do praise God for keeping me that close. But the spirit did ask me "what do you wish me to look like, for I am all men"  He truly wishes us to seek him in our hearts or we will be chasing Holograms of Cesare Borgia who was not a nice Man. I pray for all who sees and understands this that you may find peace the Peace with God within you to live on Happily :-))

Stay strong my friends..............................:-))

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