Sunday, March 8, 2015

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Hay Friends, Peace in Christ truly. I figure I would put out some news updates on certain areas of importance and caution, and maybe some just kinda neat to know  :-)).
What has come up today with wide spread truth of the validity of the the subject mater stemming from more than a doz favored video cites is this. China is openly claiming to seize world  Currency  Status against the Dollar. Yes they have achieved a bigger economic base now then the US, but the more appealing side of this being presented to virtually everyone is that every unit of theirs, and it looks like it is going to be the Rennimbi , will be backed by Gold and as a world currency, you can imagine how much Gold they have compiled for this.  They are not reporting any of this on main stream news, I have checked all 5 major ones plus Associated Press, their all the same literally. The second video here is a little long but he is right on economically of the mortal world system. Also China ,Russia, and  India have got together and said they will be starting a new world order. dig that crap huh?  Most People even the christian truth news conspiracy sites don`t understand the great evil behind all this.  This new group over there the BRICKS is just another Pillar in another two tire system of Chaos. You have to have someone to fight to have a war in any way.
so people keep a close eye on the figures , I would start thinking about packing some food away, while the money is still useful. 

       China Has Announced Plans for a 'World Currency'


China's Renminbi Is On Its Way To Becoming A World Currency - Episode 608

Transhumanism : Bionic Limbs & Eyes move and see using Mind Controlled Microchips (Mar 01, 2015)

Should we be surprised or is the proof big enough to start considering Potassium Iodate/dine good people?



           Fukushima Radiation/West Coast Fish


Heads Up! Military Performing Door-to-Door "Wellness Checks" In SC Drills

This one is self explanatory I hope by friends


    NATO patrol ships drop anchor in Bulgaria prior to Black Sea drills

Now there are many many folks don`t don`t know or and Don`t care either why the Nato ship are all docking out side the black sea........ who can tell me that answer  LOL  I`m just screwing around , but remember that article about the 2 russian Bombers completely crashing all the electrical on the US destroyer that was there last time that was also suppose to be the latest and greatest. But the russian prove they have something we can`t get around, and as you can see plainly we can`t even get close.  what a video game this is huh?  lol.

Volcanoes; a quick summary  39 have majore planetary eruptions going on now .  33 have minor eruptions and or warnings about them. 79 are still quiet at this point . but Not probably for long ayy?

So between the volcanoes, Earthquakes, Radiation, Marshall law , Dollar collapse Food shortage , water shortage, Alien Invasion :-)) lol  
I will put my money on dollar collapse and Martial law in that order, and as far as when , well  don`t really like doing that but the Spirit did tell me that the Dark side will experience additional delays in their evil plans for mankind.  So on that note I`m a smiling dude lol   For God reigns supreme as always.                    God bless truly

Here is an oldy where they new something back then too
                                     Frank zappa  -   I am the slime

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