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...........SOUL part 2......................

Girl on Beach  1995The Soul continued
The Soul , so like I explained before You do not have a soul, you are a soul. In my last article I got into all the Rulers and stuff because I wanted you to know that they are doing all that they do with the power of God, in a misused way of course, The Father never intended this.
Now scriptures  state that : 
PS bk 1 pg9
Jesus to his Disciples:
For all men who are in the world have gotten their souls out of 
[the power of] the rulers of the æons. But the power which is in 
you is from me; your souls belong to the height.

Now what few people realize is that in the days before Jesus Christ few men indeed even new of the peace of mind that could be found in God, because before Jesus Christ the world did know anything of heaven because it was not here. And all souls were from the Rulers that had a  power of the father in them with a great overshadowing by the rulers controls, as stated by Christ to his disciples in the 11 year teachings. Jesus came here to awaken mankind from his sleep and teach him the way Home, not by his power but by His example to us ,so we may use this power within us to achieve just that.
Now here is a question that seams appropriate to the knowledge above. If all of mankind`s souls were from the Rulers, then why below it is stated that  "His own received him not" they were of the rulers, not Gods, or were they?
 Joh:1:11: He came unto his own, and his own received him not.
Before answering this let me show you what Jesus says about his birth to his Mother which helps us here.
PS  bk 1chp 8 pg 10
Jesus telling of his conseption in Mary his earthly mother:
I spake with her in the type of Gabriēl, and when she had turned 
herself to the height towards me, I cast thence into her the first 
power which I had received from Barbēlō--that  is  the  body  which I have borne in the height. And instead of the soul I cast  into her the power which I |14. have received from the great  Sabaōth, the Good, who is in the region of the Right.
So the very make up of Jesus Christ Had a Power of Sabaoth the Good, so one must understand He is a very Righteous and divine entity of/with God the father. In Christ scriptures he has said many times "Sabaoth the Good whom I call Father"
ok let me explain who this new subject is as a life giving source in the Celestial understanding.Its still God people, there are many more players in the heavenly Cosmos then many know or even care to believe. It helps to read some Gnostic text of Jesus to see and know this. 
ok Here it is; Satan/Yaltabaoth ,YHWH, Jack,Samuel etc as God created 12 disciple for Christ to do his work Satan created 12 authorities/rulers for himself. Now when Satan proclaims thy should have no Gods before thee,(yes I know you all believe it was in Mosses writings. it was of the other God).    
 Barbelo./HolySpirit Said samuel(foolish God) there will be one that comes from the past that will be your undoing(Meaning Christ). One of the rulers Satan created was named Sabaoth, who help create the earthly body of  disguise  so  the children(mankind) could not see the truth. He heard Him say this and realized there were other Gods when hearing the mothers voice which shook Hades itself. He then Hated his creator satan who was a lire and repented up to the Holy Spirit so strong  he  became learned and totally divine,and became Sabaoth the Good, whom Jesus called Father.  Now you know the truth in that he came unto his own(Being Body or Spirit he was part of both as you can see).
Joh:1:11: He came unto his own, and his own received him not.
So in truth Jesus Christ was and is the only entity (besides the Virgin Spirit of the Father) that knows by examples learned Himself of both Light and darksides, being the two entities of Saboath the Good and the Father(Christ). 
Now with all that said , let me explain Us, For we are experiencing roughly the same as Our lord Did, for we are all the body of Christ which is the next concept or level of creation by the wisdom of the light of the Father. True freedom of Creation few men know its visual and spiritual understanding except for those who have fervently sought that divine knowledge and will be acknowledge in the same way.  as our lord states;  M't:10:41: He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward.And so on, you gather what you have sown, For each soul will be known for what they have completed my friends. everything is known.
There is this place Jesus called the "Sphere" this is where the body , the soul, and the Spirit, with an amount of forgetfulness is place in together and combined to form the human being in its wholeness of understanding of its parts, which is turned to the precise time or month it will be released unto the earth within that eaon of existence. The sphere is the mating of the five parts talked of in the bible
Lu:12:52: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.
 so you see the sphere is of light and dark powers combining  in a specific way to make us, which is called the mixture.The zodiac can be applied to this monthly release , but this part is of the dark side understanding and should not be cared for in the least. yes it is real close to the truthful understanding of Jesus Christ and creation as it is to the fires of hell. so he warns us here;
82 Jesus said, "Whoever is near me is near the fire, and whoever is far from me is far from the kingdom."
I know its not such a nice story sometime, but he wishes it  to make us strong , because it is Life in all its fury , and majesty.Jesus also says ; A soul  is given to each one with an alloted number of Cycles attributed to it, for receiving the Mysteries. If and when it attains the proper teachings and understandings of the Mysteries no longer it will need to spend anymore cycles.A cycle is as some would understand it as reincarnation , but ONLY with Mankind, all living things have souls but with different types which He will explain to us after the Consumation.  even ants  :-)) M't:13:11: He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.He also explains to the disciples, not to tell anyone the mysteries until:  You have brought down Heaven. which is what Jesus Christ did  by being here. Then he left so now who is going to do it,? so from the twelve it grew, and kept growing one soul at a time. So the heaven we feel here now is due to ourselves keeping it here or not.
From the first word told, throughout many many peoples and years and cycles of each mankind has elevated himself Spiritually to be were we are today.
(10) Jesus said: I have cast fire upon the world, and behold I guard it until it is ablaze.
After which comes the Harvest, ie; now or soon anyway. each soul has a different perception of soon.So the Soul is the most complex, powerful and necessary part of this equation in the logos of God. It makes all things move to a wide rang of degrees and complexities , one soul has the power to bring down the kingdom of Heaven for all men to see, were few will actually these days. we have the power of our own salvation, all within the paradigm of the Father , son and Holy Spirit.  The power to achieve eternal life and to see creation go on for eternity. Now thats a long time indeed ayy :-)). Be Glad brothers and Sisters.

I am very glad that time has allotted me to bring this information to you all, For these moments will not pass this way again truly. I do like to get some heavy critical stuff out from time to time. Be good my friends, be blessed.................

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