Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I think we really found something

I think we really found something or We are trying to stay within the graces of the Lords teachings so He is leading us to the truth within our world. Ya either one I think is correct good people. well I was thinking that after coming up with  searching for an alternate universe and trying to connect with the darkside Critters (or rather anti-matter world scientifically speeking) I would want to keep my antennas up for any more of the much contemplated knowledge that should be there to find, on this immense but very normally radical type subject in the now world of the masses. wow that`s a mouthful ayy? :-)) These things I have found.

                           CERN-What is dark matter?

Below is a statement folks I copyied directly from scientific evaluation that is associated with CERN and The LHC


Many theories say the dark matter particles would be light enough to be produced at the LHC. If they were created at the LHC,  they would escape through the detectors unnoticed. However,  they would carry away energy and momentum, so physicists  could infer their existence from the amount of energy and  momentum missing” after a collision. Dark matter candidates arise frequently in theories that suggest physics beyond the Standard Model, such as supersymmetry and extra dimensions. One  theory suggests the existence of a Hidden Valley, a parallel world made of dark matter having very little in common with matter we know. If one of these theories proved to be true, it could  help scientists gain a better understanding of the composition of our universe and, in particular, how galaxies hold together.
Dark energy                      Dark energy makes up approximately 70% of the universe and appears to be associated with the vacuum in space. It is distributed  evenly throughout the universe, not only in space but also in time in other words, its effect is not diluted as the universe expands.                                          __________________                                                                                                                                             This above information they are basing all their work on is exactly what we have been talking of and found to be true, I have as of yet to disprove any of it which I am keeping a open mind to always, because if one teaches false doctrine in any form, it is worse than sin itself.  I am not glad I am bringing you this news my friends , but I am glad to be bringing you the Truth that God has shown now Us. who will we tell, the lord says to as many, and as much that will hear you, regardless of lessening that` not our job its, each souls responsibility and free will right to believe as one wishes. 

in some added knowledge from Christs scriptures , states that the Oraboros snake , you know the one that eats his tail. well this is a depiction of the large dark area that surrounds the righteousness of all the Light creation which can be understood by the place where a city dumps its garbage and has no more use for it, also the place now as Hell where when the snake finally eats his tail all the dreadful sinners which have been caste in can no long get out without having any more door.  That door can only be opened by the power of the Mystery of God. Remember I told you of those that we can achieve in also, which was one reason why Christ came to us friends. See I knew what the Darkness was years ago, dark matter, anti-matter, anti Christ, dark world, underworld etc it has many names and one purpose. To corrupt Life and the living.

really think that most Scientist are so addicted to thought and discovery and what society has exemplified them to be that they no longer think as a child of God, but have been fooled to almost thinking they are one, by what they do and pushed to do through money, funding etc. all tools of Satan.  Please get your gane on folks they say there starting this thing up on March 13, 2015 but after going on their sight yesterday they where ready as of yesterday 2/23/2015 . strength in God truly people.

I realy don`t want to play that eye in the sky song again and wear it out huh?
So hears a bit of fun folks......... bah

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