Thursday, February 12, 2015

Update to Fukashima news......

Hay People, Just wanted to give you a report that just happened to come out today that was surprising as what we were just talking about in the last article on the living chain degradation and has come out on cue, but not surprise as it was expected indeed. Remember the golden rule Time, Distance , and Shielding well these sailors were in the worst case scenario of this ie; closest to the source, spending a long time in effected area, and standing out on deck and such with virtually no shielding what so ever.  also remember the Potassium Iodide tablets protecting the Thyroid  gland . Its all real people and heading this way. Life is about decisions.  God bless folks truly .....Tom 

/doctor-removed-6-thyroids-recent-months-uss-reagan-sailors-exposed-fukushima-fallout-officer-sick-soldiers-everywhere-many-hospitals-san-diego-hawaii-dont-whats-going-video  2/12/15
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