Monday, February 16, 2015

Any major dude .......alert

Hay my friends Glad to be here with ya and Gods blessing to you all. I felt it note worthy indeed that I should post this earliest insight to you all that is coming from reputable sources as you will see below and there is virtually nothing being spoken of it in main stream News circles, just like Fukashima. I can see as each day passes now the adversity the governments and authorities around the world have with all the citizens in the world which includes us also. Land of the free... ya right , not this week  LOL  and even though I am not a Gun advocate weapons it seems is acting like the nuclear build up Russia acquired against the USA to be a  deterrent that worked. See we are the only country that still has leagle arms to bare by our constitution which is the hardest one to get around by them. I do tip my hat for option of deterrence here.
The way I see it is they have to deprive us of life sustaining items in order to bargain for that constitutional right for the bare arms law. the same way they a sanction Russia to death because they want something , just like a child. :-)) and get ready its going to get increasing worst, I would guess first things , then food, then utilities, speech outside the house all the while. Then  mandatory  crap starts coming and you all can imagine all the fun possibilities that could be ayy? I also would limit cell phone use if you need to keep stuff privet. Wow it sounds like I`m a character in the book 1984.. :-)) funny that way huh? well pass the word on to any one  good people  time is indeed shorter than thought. 

Nightly Business Report: West Coast ports could shutdown

Businesses, shoppers to feel impact of West Coast port battle


Nightly business report; west coast ports could shut down 

I am truly glad the Lord allow enough time to get that final report/witnessing out on the veil that will fool even the elect.
I feel the high point of earthly discovery now is somewhat over on my bag, not completely because there is still allot of gaps to fill in and follow which is the biggest thing now. one wouldn`t want to know all this knowledge and fall asleep at the wheel, :-))  which is funny because I prepared for Y2K to the teeth and as we were watching the world clocks go by I feel asleep at the critical moment of finding out whether or not we had to bug out to the mountains as planned. :-))  due to the Nukes at ground zero in NYC 60 miles away.
    People what I did learn from all that was God telling me its not your ass I want saved with me its your soul and who you are, were you is of no importance, but were your heart to me is very important.
M't:10:28: And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
sorry to be so direct folks but we are at that point, this is giving it to you straight and not scripture many preachers have used because it was so direct.
M't:16:25: For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.
So tell it to the mountains People, no other way but up now ayy?

                Steely Dan;   any Major Dude

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