Saturday, February 7, 2015

quick update and explanation

Good Day people, Yesterday I posted a blog that included a list of allot of Hoaxes, I Did much research on all of them except the recent plain crash in asia where it hits the bridge. I know I put it there without saying either way, but just putting it there I put my stamp on it to be correct the way they were saying. I still think that there was a hand in it some how, but as far as the crash itself well I could be off on that. Maybe I was to quick to believe in a source that I didn`t notice and missed the mark before  with a Syrian bombing article. My prayers go out to any truthful persecution or injuries that the children of God inure when trying to live life free.   Please be assured I will be more watchful before jumping the gun so to speak, and these days its getting rough to do indeed.

Thanks for listening....... Thomas
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