Thursday, February 12, 2015

The tower no one knew........

Hay folks here is some real interesting findings. It makes  sense  now how they painted pictures deep inside the pyramids without lights that we assumed they didn`t have but actually did.  very worthwhile video indeed. :-)  The picture here on this video cover is the structure Nicole Tesla (Genus of Electricity) invented to bring free energy to all mankind it has no moving parts so it would virtually last forever. The Government destroyed the tower and confiscate all his notes in his home surround his death/? This definitely worked and it was based identically to the structure of the Egyptian pyramids as you will see.  And they told us it was they were tombs of the Pharoes , what a lie.  enjoy the truth my friends.  


Here is the lastest news on the goings on at Fukashima, US/pacific waters. Its a pretty Grimm story folks getting worst as the days go forward here. There is reports here on what they can`t do and have been trying, but also the ongoing degradation of the chain of life and it species. The large animals are starting to perish by indirect effects of the Radiation , ie; Seals and sea lions food dying of the Radiation and not supplying the vast needs of other larger species. Jesus Christ has said; "What you perceive, will happen" there are allot of folks I know like myself  that does not want this to be true, but we can see that we are the end result of the food chain disaster when we will also starve from not having or contaminated food. 
To be honest , this is but only one of the catastrophes of our world in the sight right now which I think you also can agree on. So maybe that would help you all tell whom ever would listen to a  least this part which is Proven scientific fact, so they could help prepare themselves too with Potassium Iodide, possile location chang like many have already, getting ones faith firm with the Father though Jesus Christ. 

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Good song.....never forget the meaning  :-))

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