Monday, February 2, 2015

what next does the wise men ask........

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The Highest level the mortal man can achieve is that which he knows already in his mortal mind only and that if one chooses not anything of God, like many here do claim, and do,... Right?
Here is a fact of true life; Nothing living on earth would be able to stand without the presence of the Holy Spirit  in it. I am talking Good or Evil. These are the exact words of Jesus Christ(Gnostics of Christ). 
For those of you still hung up on looking at proof outside the Bible look at it this way ; Are there no other beautiful women in the world outside those whom were chosen in the beauty pageant?
Of course there is, a whole lot of them, well same with Christ`s teachings, theres a whole lot of them  indeed.

Now the spirit that is within us contains all the celestial knowledge of the Universe. Now that`s a big statement some may say how come I don`t know or feel that way.  I would ask them have you tried to feel that way? Most don`t even know that they have an opportunity to achieve that in themselves let alone actually do it.
well like they say what is above so is below. This world has been design in accordance to the celestial so all it takes is a little transition to understand that root of which we came from and are.
Achieving an associates degree takes a little doing here right, hard work and studying and going through all the mortal gyrations and such. well to achieve a sought after level of Heaven or of God per say, yes this will also take a bit of effort for those who are willing. 
On earth we can get as much schooling as we need to attain to a higher degree within a controlled society, Yes it is the same in the celestial realm. You may achieve any level you wish , but there is no play acting here. sincerity is the first step and should be strived for throughout there after. And for proof of all this is here:
M't:10:41: He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward.
Here is a good question , Do you know the world so well, you are bored with it and looking for more. If the answer is yes You might be ready to learn that of which Jesus taught in parables of.
In His words " See what is in front of you and look beyond" 
The Journey of the soul unto the Lights which is Father from which they come from is truely a glorious and fulfilling experiance that has no equal indeed my friends.
Talking with his diciples he says to them;
But the kingdom of the Father is spread out upon the earth and men do not see it"

See when Jesus came He brought that with Him , For God could not be where the kingdom of Heaven is not.  please remember this and you will start to understand why bad things in this world happens and are happening with an increasing rhythm indeed . Like anything if one part moves out , another different part moves in to take its place and fill the void.   

Mankind removes God from society then cries out and ask why God is doing such and such when they did it to themselves all the while. So is seeing the need for spreading the word, putting on a new light for some now?  It all makes sense you`ll see. there is another thing he explained to his disciples when they ask him of the Kingdom of Heaven again and he said; " You ask me of the kingdom of heaven and the celestial realm and you don`t even know the moment your in tight now."
He also states ; "how can I teach you of the celestial world when you don`t even know the world your presently in ."
See my friends, in all of my articles I tried earnestly to bring the word of God together with the happenings in our lives now , that in hopes of living a new day now with this new knowledge, when the earth starts to really get rough you will recall things our lord said in all circumstances  there of. seeing all this evil in the world I sometimes just shut it down, cause Can`t really take no more at that moment sometimes. that which I do, is stated in his word also , its called fasting from the world. 
(27) Jesus said: If you fast not from the world, you will not find 
the kingdom

See for mankind this is the middle point in one perspective of heaven and hell, being born again, baptism of the soul , now I realize why I am doing this from my own perspective and because it is some pretty heavy crap , and I am still in the Body presently, it tends to wear on you , bit by bit if you don`t come up for air and fast from the world and welcome Jesus back into your heart knowing he didn`t let you go to far before getting realed back in for a refill so to speak. :-))  be watchful of your Jesus meter with all this Good people. The prime directive is Being one with the Father.

Finding out everything of the evils of this world may I say is not going to get you saved by any means , but Fasting away from this world and letting the Spirit into your being in a renewing fashion well be definitely, I am trying to help with the insight of spiritual  motivation reborn in us now.  
As Our Lord states; M'r:8:36: For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

The feeling that knowing that God has got your back always is an unparalleled Feeling absolutely.  

The Video below about mr Obama (barry Setoro) and who he really is ,is quite interesting indeed.

Foreigner Obama Is A Murderer!! 2015 (Political Hits)

After watching this video I was very moved, and I thought i was pretty much done with being surprise here, I said wow a secret agent for Saudi Arabia .. dam..m    But then shortly God said to me "which is worst Obama being a spy or working for Satan"  I realized then that I already have accepted the worst , so chill out man :-))   but it was an embedded Mortal characteristic of all this that moved me, and God was warning me to keep on my guard remember as its written 
1Pe:5:8: Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

1Pe:5:8: Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

People even in the worst of times coming up, never give up on yourselfs and always know that Jesus Christ is here with us all through this. And remember Lot, for if God was shown one believer, The whole City would have been saved. Thats how important each us are My friends.
I will be here communicating with you for as long as I can, as this all moves forward into ....what ever is comming ayy :-))
Be Happy my friends, we are loved.

brother Tom

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