Friday, February 20, 2015

Knowledge update,,,,,all Americans should read this

Hello Folks , I have placed a number of articles for this story which had been generated back in September 2013 and with the open facts that Syria is next in line for Obama wars, the missals are heading in that direction of Damascus with no other country knowing about this Lie/oh I mean stated readiness games which was supposedly planned, yaa right. lol  You can see in the cover up broadcast in the 2nd video which now admits it was the USA that did shoot the two ballistic missals.  But more importantly is the position the US has gotten itself in by its arrogance in the world and especially with Russia the proves to be a greater power in weapons, as you will soon learn in the next article below this one. I am not taking sides at all people in a truthful sense. The NWO is still being played out in the background of all these puppet games that we are indirectly in, but our service men are actually dying in from lack of knowledge of the truth. Just as I went into the Navy way back and ask God to allow me to find wisdom but not to hurt anyone or myself , this now is the same thing but only life in a larger game is being played out. But remember we have found what the truth really is about. As Christ says " endure till the contest is over"

Obama Lied-Russia Shot Down 2 U.S. Missiles Fired From NATO Base in Spain At Syria


Russia's radars DETECTED MISSILE in Mediterranean Sea, Israel & US claim as "TARGET PRACTICE"

Copy-Obama Lied-Russia Shot Down 2 U.S. Missiles Fired From NATO Base in Spain At Syria

I herd a gentleman state that it seams the Russia is preoccupied with the Ukraine to worry about Syria right now. So now we no that not to be true indeed, Russia seams to have the ability to do many things at ounce, which means stopping WW3 also, as we have learned. So I guess the us Military understands now that Russia has some new weapons and they are not old world stuff like bombs and bullets, but more EMF based as you will see below. This episode happened only 3 months ago.

Russian Fighter Jet Disables US Missle Destroyer Using Electronic Warfare Weapon

This is just like a big video game, and Russia is playing very well if I might add , They have found the super EMF weapon which nullifies all other weapons. He must have used his credit points more wisely huh?  LOL  don`t mind me I like Video games, especially strategy games.
So now the Us cannot go near any Russian territory without getting unplugged. For those that do play, its like "Earth 2150"  and when researched you can establish an ability to freeze in place all enemy's approaching. Its like video Games the same as movies are paralleling this reality. Anyone play Zelda out there "link to the past to be specific, were the dark lord whishes to make the over world like the underworld threw the golden pyramid structure.... sound familiar.
Anyway hears the newest Radar they have;


Russia Deploying Nebo-M Radar Complexes to Counter NATO ThreatFrom the archives of love and truth:    Later people

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