Friday, February 6, 2015

Interesting and some fun crap to know lol

Hay Good People , I am giving you a bunch of fun or rather interesting truths that have been uncovered to help reinforce this lie we living in, so to enforce the belief in Him who has never lied to anyone, Jesus Christ, but went plus some to embrace us all for our well being with him, and not just for the now but forever.
Is there no extent they will not go to lie and deceive us. will I think you all can see and feel the answer to that one.  
This first video is the real truth that helps me keep my sights on right about why we do what we do. See I was in the nuclear Navy on the USS Nautilus.... ya I know  enlisted 1971  Viet Nam era.
well Folks in those days they were scrambling to find a place to store all the Depleated Uranium from the reactors, I use to read the Specs on the material during refuel, very dangerous stuff indeed. then along come the new era so they increased the radiation limits for everybody including civilians and now their  able to use this stuff for bullets and bombs under the new lie, but it still kills though.


             Depleted Uranium - NATO's Dark Secret

This next one is just a laughable hoot.....:-))

                  Moon Landing 1969 vs Scientific Evidence

    Stanley Kubrick Filmed Fake Moon Footage !! Proof ! Told you so

Here s another little diti.....

Hoax CONFIRMED! TransAsia Plane Crash 100% Fake Proof

Man I guess He worships Saturn huh?  nice cubes man,,,, :-))

Ralfonso - CUBE TOWER - Kinetic Wind Sculpture - Changchun China

People are trickling in on the truth behind Fukashima way to late, theirs no bottom on this bad report remember that. All these reports now are  verifing my articles 8 months ago with the thyroid and all. But I`m not looking to say I told anyone so, who would tell their already sick. My heart goes out to all those children who is receiving the end result of stuppid Men.  God bless them truly

-cancer-epidemic-underway-fukushima-6000-increase-estimated-head-cancer-research-center-definitely-holocaust-everything-being-swept-rug-very-very-frightening-family-members-brainwashed-g   2/4/2015


feb 3 2015


Feb 2 2015

Here`s a good video on who`s responsible mainly for the Ukraine thing in the puppet world, although remember good people it is always the war between the people and big government, Globally.

Brokered it & broke it: Obama on Kiev deal that paved path to bloodshed

Here is a fun piece of music, and whats funny I did actually meet dr hooks Mother in Mystic Ct in the 70`s  they owned a head shop there.

                         Dr. Hook - Cover Of Rolling Stone

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