Friday, September 25, 2015

entertainment + Folks

My friends , my son turn me on to this game and it is Highly addictive, and lots of Fun indeed during these times. I like it because Your always thinking and its always changing continuously. There are very few controls like 2  LOL . Object of the game is to attain as many pellets (they call them) as you can, which determines the top 10 spots on the board in the upper right corner. All the players are actual people of all ages and Nationality Globally which is cool.

Now you must collect the candy "I call them" on the board and it will make you get larger as your number on you can devour them and add all there pellets to yours thus increasing your size. Now if you have enough Mass about you, you can over take someone by jetting out 1/2 of your mass and it should be larger then them by around 5% more, and you can do this by pressing space bar
If You want to dump out or even give some of your Mass to someone else a portion at a time, hit the "W" key. The rest you can figure out for yourself, Have fun indeed  :-)).                Have Fun People.....


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