Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Mortal plane......


Hello My Friends , the above picture is a bit drastic for some but may not be for others.  There are a lot of Souls out there from my own experience, that feel they are not worthy of Righteousness with God. That`s not True, we all are, Your just not there yet from your own perception of the limits you yourself placed upon your Souls journey. The Picture also is a Damned soul, but I didn`t want to say that straight away. But isn`t a feeling of unworthiness on earth the same thing?  The limits may not be wrong, your will to live as you believe you should, are not Matched, so that throws your soul into everything from uneasiness to chaos, depending how far one lets it go with Correction added, Jesus Christ is usually the first step for those that need a hint Brothers :-)), Basically live by your thoughts and deeds as one. 
When I tell people that Heaven is already here, they look at me puzzled indeed. Ever sense My Vision with Christ from asking, I have had the opportunity to see and learn anything of Heaven I wished, as long as I stayed on the journey with Him. Ya like anyone else it gets rough at times too. There`s one thing that is true of the Human being, the Happiest and most joyful moment you ever had in your life ,one will always cherish that and try to achieve it  again. For me is my walk with the Lord like it was Yesterday. My friends Their is nothing in either world at this time that is greater than that.
Many folks have said to me "I have prayed and waited, and waited but the Lord never talks to me". I said what did You pray or ask for? You said " nothing in particular just prayed, waiting for Him to tell me anything."   I told him with much patience that " the lord knows everything you are going through, and probable especially the uncertainty you have between you and Him(life) which is the essence of yourself, you have to be Honest first, then like yourself, then ask him something specific with a fair amount of wisdom attach"  Not like can I have more Money! lol  that`s mortal stuff and He tells me to tell you that there is nothing that you lack here to fully achieve what You need.  But He sends warning here to use wisdom when substituting want for need.   Remember that movie "Bruce Almighty?" LOL  alot of wisdom there to remember.
for those that didn`t see it, Bruce played God for a day and chaos insued in the world when he gave everyone what they wanted instead of what they actually needed.

I do admit that in my 60 or so years in this realm given a large dose of human intuition for the tool of my journey He wish for me, I have seen so many soul in the world living in an unworthiness way of life, mot that they have to at all , the lord tells us different  
M't:5:48: Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.
This has got to be one of thee most important messages that Christ bright to us to remember my Friends, for it is the souls core builder on each ones Salvation we must remember. Why? because this mortal plane of wanting and lust keeps pulling our souls and Thoughts away from the our Righteousness within for those who can attain it. and Yes it is attainable or Christ would not have said it for those that believe in His word indeed Brothers and Sisters.
Like the locusts from the Pit the earthly Churches are welcoming the multitudes in while they tell them they are not worthy and need help, grace ,Salvation you name it, They say you need it, just like the TV commercials huh?  think about it.
Yes I know most will ask what about Paul saying we are short of the Glory of God?  Only if you want to be,,, my friend. Its another form of brain washing to subvert the masses into accepting a deity of there choice to believe in, and do it their way Also, huh?
I have researched all of the contradictions in the Bible and they are between Paul and all the rest who speak as one word. In these tracts below Paul is actually telling His son this thing.
1Tm:1:2: Unto Timothy, my own son in the faith: Grace, mercy, and peace, from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord.
1Tm:1:20: Of whom is Hymenaeus and Alexander; whom I (Paul) have delivered unto Satan, that they may learn not to blaspheme.

Good God even Jesus Christ never did that, so what total teaching did he actually receive ? well I have found in 52 % of the Bible  writings associated to Paul, but probably the Sanhedrin  counsel  of the Jewish nation to fund such a multitude of Scriptural  desperation at that time. remember no printers, lol  just scribes and they were a rarity that coast money. so I guess You can say, I have found Him a lier correct.  Its not a new concept people just never explored much. 
Re:2:2: I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars:
Paul (Saul) was never an Apostle of Jesus Christ. In fact He says He had no need to talk to any of them.  Kinda Strange huh?

OK lets get back to You, being Perfect  lol  no jokes just fact.
When the Disciples were talking with Christ after his  resurrection in the 11 year teaching, the said " Lord For where are you going, and if you bid us to come we will follow you" The Lord told them" let me make this abundantly clear, No man can get to Heaven upon my bidding, but it is you who will go on you own accord, I have only come to tell you how and many other things"
See People this is why we spread the word the best we can each day, Its a living Breathing thing that we need to Survive in. And its Called the Holy Spirit it is from Gods righteousness and doing well in the mortal world for the Lord and by Christ teachings.

Our Lord tells us "To endure till the contest is over" and he uses that very word "Contest"  alot in the Gnostic Scriptures.   This one word should tell all mankind that there is much to come after passing from this world, which I do know already and whole  heatedly want others to understand this Joy how best they can, and to what level they can , my friends.

Time is short indeed people, and careful what you take as fact in these days.   
Here is a Great Song that came to me today.... :-))

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