Friday, August 19, 2016

Correction in words for the last article

Folks I said in my last article that " John was a lie " Them using John~s name in the fashion of getting their mystical visions and manipulative words published to appeal to the most devote Christian reader and have them believe and carry it to so many for thousand of years, had to be from a very Dark place indeed, because the totality of the book of Rev. goes against every righteous thing Christ has taught us. ie; Vain worship of Golden cities coming down from Heaven,,, come on now, I think Jesus Christ would have at least hinted at that happening huh?
John the disciple was a very Righteous Man for the Lord, to where Christ entrusted the knowledge of the mysteries to hold to Him and Mary Magdalene ( another disciple, never a whore, that also was a flat out lie)  Because they had to never give women a leading edge in society, and never over a man.  You ladies out there might understand that better, were Paul scriptures are  all very male chauvinistic.
To add , the Book of John, which was Gnostic  has a 80% probability that it was written by Mary Magdalene and she put Johns name on them so to get the word of God to the people faster.  There was a number of Gnostic Churches Mary Magdalene founded after Christ death.   Called the church of the Magdalene.

Well people a little Biblical history dug up from many places including Vatican archives.

Be well and keep the light within you shinning for Him to see my brothers and Sisters.  :-))
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