Monday, December 22, 2014

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This video below is made with an Intelligent over all view of things Now in the Mortal realm, with also an up to date aspect of things.

                    WWIII - The Calm Before The Storm

In addition to this, a more focused view should be brought to attention stemming from the Sony  hack job that happened On Nov 24 2014. It has opened the door virtually, to hack anything on the globe now without  finding out who really is doing it, so giving the powers that be a free reign on infrastructure and the like.
These new Hits below shows proof of this;    All of these reports have bee alternately researched as correct in there reporting.

             Cyberattack On German Steel Mill Inflicts Serious Damage!

            South Korea 'Nuclear Power Plant' Got Hacked!

      North Korea's Internet Is Down: Appears To Be Under 'Massive                  Cyber attack'

Alert! Comcast Reporting Large-Scale Outages From Coast to Coast!

So hold on Good People this is just like an ISIS type group but based on The electrical System grids. So from that you pretty well know who is doing it.  Well that's were we are on the cyber thing
for destruction. The blue beam cyber report will be out shortly Folks.                    ____________________________________

Now for the precursor to Martial law program report. Since the Missouri killing, the NYC killing , and the two NYC cops getting hit we are in a very close precedence to a racial civil war Not just because the depth of news reports but now the masses are starting to believe in the Lie/Veil. Watch below my friends as all the NYC cops turn their backs to the Mayor.

Tensions Rise between NYPD and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio - Police TURN THEIR BACKS Before Conference


Has Race War Begun with The Execution of 2 NYPD Officers?

Alex is being quite the puppet for the Illuminati as a prime enabler here saying like I`m only reporting the stuff, when actually he is manipulating so called fellow believers that he is on their side.

SONY 'The Interview' HACK SCANDAL - An Inside Job to Bring in Cyber Security Bill?

Allot to think about, we will definitely be watching this aspect of things from here out. 



Are we really surprised at this point?

Time to kick back awhile and remember...........:-))

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