Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Shorty 1

These times; shorty

Hay Folks look at this crap, They finally got it right. They wouldn`t listen 3 years ago. Here is something to ponder. Why is it that Technology is far ahead of people that use it , But understanding and common sense is 3 years late? interesting


from this article
Critics describe nuclear reactor as one of the most dangerous technological beasts that mankind has devised and nuclear accident as “A Nuclear War without a War.” The consequences of this war can assume dimensions that do not take second place to the consequences of earthquake and pestilence, and in a way actually exceeds them.

Here is a Highly educated summation ; The Zionist in charge are actually telling us what they intended and intend to have happen here with mankind in the receiving end of it.  Its kinda like a scientist saying do you realize the wheels are round. lol :-)

Pretty cool indeed..........................................

                                  In Cloud Light III Testing

good journey People..... smile and be Happy, God loves ya :-)
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