Saturday, December 13, 2014

Veils of man

Hello there my friends , I`ll  honest with you, I have been perplexed in my thoughts of how to go about expressing my findings that I have gathered over the last 10 years or so of the veil that has been placed in front pf mankind. I started  writing from a beginning aspect of it, starting with a simple lie being the first veil that begins the separation from the divine power within us., but I was writing so much and I said to myself most of you already know all this stuff.  lol :-) So I remembered that He is the first and the last in all things and especially truth so I am going to start with the  furthest point I have adequately researched that unveils the truth and to  use this  as a focal point for  allot of our discussions in the future because they wish to win over our souls at all costs. Also to say go into understanding this, with the mind of Christ/God as your root anchor People. Now this System of the Illuminati is Both sides of this Coin. The war side of Alex Jones and the Utopia Peace with no God side of  David Ickc. The Bad cop ,good cop scenario. either one You still choose Satan.
This level of the veil my friend very few People Believe or know of
let alone even heard of or tried to figure out. Now the best possible thing you can get out of knowing this and there are many is that it makes you stronger in Jesus Christ as your only true way out. Lord knows we will need it indeed. This presentation shows of two paintings on a wall which explains everything they are doing. Both the sides are very very large in complexity and understanding and these will be our points to report and discus. I feel that this is going to be the most, we are best to see in this Chaos of things now. At least this is somewhat structured now in explanation. every video I have been trying to find a structured pattern that leads to the final event.


If you say David Icke out of Jones, you are saying order out of Chaos   Icke will be the phoenix raising out of the fires of war as shown below. You can notice that the soldier is holding a piece of a different nation. the Arab sword, Russian rifle and the German officers dress, the top line of people are all victims from  diseases,  famine, radiation and poisoning. the Holy Spirit is being held down by the sword. 
Part Four - Dead Babies and Commander Skeletor

You can see the cities in the back that have been destroyed from riots, bombing etc. All leaders are wise to this. You may not see it, but with much research Russia and the USA are working together on this, They are only giving the world a puppet show of acting, although for many caught up in their lies are really remember my brothers see all this through the eyes of Christ in us or it will destroy you Spiritually as they say one way or another. :-) and drag you in also,questioning your own belief.
2 Jesus said, "Those who seek should not stop seeking until they 
find. When they find, they will be disturbed. 
When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all. [And after they have reigned they will rest.]"

CONTROLLED OPPOSITION of Democrat & Republican Parties

Bad cop pillar
AS many have seen this video above, I have placed it here for a number of reasons again. 1. to help you all recognize which gate keeper it belongs to, If you picked war side you are correct, in fact Alex Jones produced this video himself. He is telling us exactly what is going on in the war side under the 2 tier Political system to a tee, why because he wishes to invoke violence to start the very thing that`s happening in every country as we speak, internal violence why? to start Martial law.
2. next reason is to show you how Knowing your enemy with an insider making believe he is on your side and we keep letting him, cause then we will know what is really right and wrong, lying and truth, in a way easier than before, In a strange way I know, but the only game in town. hay? At least we will know what we are going to be hit with on the mortal level, so we may keep our spirit side in tact, as our lord tells us to.
I have been doing a good survey of truthful Spiritually intended  Video channels  These ae channels that you don`t have to believe in everything they say but 1. Believe in Jesus Christ, when a channels adorns Him its a good chance you havr something to work with. So far I have only found these two;

Most of them are tied to the NWO in one or more ways. some may not even realize they are being drawn in to that also and completely being used.  Like; /X22Report  Suspicious0bservers  and there are a few more I found, except  watch there symbolism , like if they got some pyramids and stuff in the headliner, although it may seem they are against it but truthfuly advertising it after reading a few of their blogs. Remember Jesus Christ is important especially in this search.  Now their are alot of Alex Jones wana bees and copy sites, sites that looks like they are back with heavy bucks are usually full of agendas indeed. but rate each article on it content alone in the basics of the word of God, so as to be use full or plain bulshit lol :-)  you`ll be able to see them now.. so remember the war and the falling away has got to happen first with the Alex Jones pillar of Chaos which is everything, globally against the Jesus Christ believing citizen and also those that don`t even realize it sadly enough.

Now the other Pillar is false peace and goodness     Here is a web site that has many many people connected that you may recognize and much information on all their programs to get you Illuminated  :-))
This one is kinda long so will pick this up again for sure soon, watch for  the deep sleep people , don`t be caught. Much blessings to you all from our Lord Jesus Christ and the true path to the gate keeper who is the Virgin of Lights before the Kingdom of Lights to be honest :-)

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