Friday, December 12, 2014

Shorty #3 Paper In Fire

Hay people, Peace to you all in Jesus Christ. There is a madness that is about to commence in this country and most likely globally. If there is anyone reading this that doesn`t realize that the Government is behind this Ferguson thing and the NY thing from the start, then hear it now my friends.  Out of one shooting in Missouri compared with 15 per day in NY they choose this one to start everything happening in 115 cities  across the nation all at the same time, would be just a  coincidence and people believe that there is not massive money  organizing this move ?,I would really got to laugh indeed. come on now.    Not only they started making this issue between citizens and police authorities but, all of a sudden they throw in the race war with it. they want to get everyone good and pissed before they have this big March in NYC tomorrow under the theme of Anger and black Identity. the Zionist are trying to divide the people against themselves using Black water style efforts.
This will only help bring on Martial law quicker my brothers then all Humans will be gone in this country, the constitution rights for the people will be Null and void.

Folks this going along with there plan to rebel , 
As you will see in my next blog that this is starting of the first tier in the end times plans for us. Please don`t be fooled, tell as many as feasible indeed.  Much strength in wisdom of the truth of God. ......... .  Tom

                       John Mellencamp - Paper In Fire

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