Monday, October 19, 2015

A crazy report........LOL

Hello fellow Gamers , I guess you call it. I realize I`m Drifting off of all the end time stuff to talk to you about the Dot game, Agar,io
I can`t believe almost that I`m into it this much, but their are so many Facets of the game I don`t think people realize, Physically Its a fun challenging game on a simplistic level, but You realy can invent anything want like try play the game to the music of  Nutcracker sweet for you little older folks ,it hilarious putting the two together, plus it helps keep you at peace more. Here is a game play I did achieve  ; I put the word Christ on my dot, I eat no one and people were giving there whole dot to mine, After  Harvesting  only for some time and making alot of new friends I did achieve #1 spot without violence so to speak, and at the end I gave it all away as he would have also.
If anyone goes on I can be identified by Prism.....   or   Drift n Man,  If you want me to see you Just Put TT at the end of your name like These Times, or not its cool  :-))
 I did make it to 45 on the star in the beginning which denotes what size you start the game with, for total accumulated points on your account. This game is a blast because its never the same atmosphere, and you can control that with you energy level, everything else is body language, or Dot language.
For those who haven`t played yet below is an example of Game play.  Hope to see you soon.......LOL  Tom 

                      - Highlights



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