Sunday, October 18, 2015

The coming illusion brief

Hello my friends , in my research and reading some articles and videos have come to the surface which is the summary to the many researched subjects in days previous to this. Although we knew this was coming we did know when. Even Now we still don`t know the exact time they are going to try and pull this off for their first presentation of this visual Illusion. I am talking about the most sophisticated Hologram program there ever will be friends. 
It all has been well documented so far and even Patented with the Federal Government. The name is the Blue beam project
One case in Iraq is were they used a chemical seeding of the enemy troops and then we used a EMF induced mental hologram to be  seen in the sky of all sort of  images to induce fear, dread and Hopelessness in them. After which they drop their weapons and uniforms and ran away. This is why we took Iraq so quickly. One would think they could use it to eradicate ISIS in a week ayyy? But I guess we don`t want to, because we are funding them as a third Party Proxy army to do what we say, Isn`t America great ,,,,? Use to be. What you will be looking at in these Videos Remember vividly so as You remember them always, Love em or Hate em , what ever helps you remember them People, and let Christ always Help you stay sane . I don`t know how bad they will get, but think how intense a finale is at a fire works display.
So now they are starting to show the major displays in the sky. All of this up till now has been testing , their equipment and how we react to it.  Don`t forget this is a battle of Principalities on earth and these are some of the Devils best Guns being played for our minds. If we laugh at his Lie that we are suppose to go oooohhhh   Nooo help me oh great one.... come on get real, The Light of Christ for God will crush him like the nothing that he is. Only Men can give the darkside credibility for anything, other wise it does not exist.

Don`t be too Scared People........ oo  :-))   lol

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