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Those that wish to know part 2

Welcome indeed my Brothers and Sisters, were we left off in Part 1 of this was the remittance of Sins , then the forgiveness of Sins, and repentance of your sins. I placed it in three sections is to better  understand that  First; One must admit to himself that He sinned against Gods Laws(the right thing to do) . Second one must ask the Father/Spirit or supreme power of all things (there are many names for the true God which has been made up by man alone) to forgive you for what you alone have done of your own free will that has been yours from the beginning. Now after asking the Father for forgiveness from sin, He will come to fill the place in which you allowed him to come in , and there is no other way than being honest Him, because now you are asking Him to be a greater part in you for as long as that place remains free from sin.
 Christ in His Gnostic scriptures referes to it as to "do not be play acting in anyway"
This can, in most cases all happen in a twinkle of an eye, from the Father. The many ways this grace befalls upon men in His glory is in ways that numbers could not reach.

Christ says; Holy Spirit is God in the form of a Dove.
 The Holy Spirit is the 24 th Mystery and the final one the our lord taught the disciples so when Jesus Return Home the Holy Spirit descended on Men. He told them this in a scripture of Pistis Sophia;
The Disciples said to Christ why do you leave us? Christ said to them, " If I do not go, the one that comes after me well not come, and the earth could not be saved"
The disciples said " Lord bid us to follow you unto the kingdom and we will"  Christ smiled and said please hear what I say, that No man comes to the father upon my bidding, but it is you that must find and secure that way for each of you"

My friends there is an ocean of knowledge like this, that you can read now that few men even know about, because it has been Veiled so heavily with lies, because it is so powerful in the spiritual and Mortal worlds.  They know this , but in order to use it properly one must be truly of God, His elect, that is mentioned in the Bible. but any man can learn how.
The truth of these things upon the earth as we live today is like this;
The knowledge I wrote here for you to understand is what 99.9% of the world cannot get by, They feel they will always sin. 
they return to this building(Church) all over, the globe over and over and give men Money to hear a redundant sermon over and over, also some sermons that have been manipulated by the dark powers for good men to preach to the flock because they were given large amounts of Money(mark of the beast) to fund their Vast cathedrals which imprisons them and all who hear it. So yes they sold their souls just as much as all those Musicians and actors for Fame and/or Money. But please let me make clear that within this Huge group their are major variations to individual belief structure.
There will be many whom are innocent from this by way of never understanding the system they have been vailed in . Some do not know and are to weak or unwilling to change , ie: to bothersome.
But basically the ones that think things are correct by way of our lord and the vale is just to large to see it. I offer a Scripture from The preachings of Peter
And to all reasonable souls it hath been said above: Whatsoever things any of you did in ignorance, not knowing  God clearly, all his sins shall be forgiven him.
If we go to Church to be healed, the after that, why don`t they say, Now go forth and Sin No more.
 I do still enjoy going to church for the reason of talking to those whom are at least interested in Scripture, but the root causes I mention are indeed true my friends.  As we are supposed to be elevating our spiritual understanding of ourselves every day, society has given man an easy road with a credit card to heaven paid for by monthly donations. At what point in this great awaking does the church tell its people to go out and teach now from all the free righteous information they received?. Its more like one must pay for seminary school so he can now be worthy to volunteer his life and time, right?.Those are Hypocritical statements.   In the Gnostic scriptures of Christ He says to give it freely as it was given to you freely, and woe to those for  receiving  money or gifts for this knowledge, it would be best if they would not be born.
So in the world today, all of the major religions in the world are based on repression, Martyrdom and the Mark of the Beast (Money) and power of the so called interested flock. who would dare or when ever did you ever hear of someone criticizing The sermon for correctness. I questioned many ministers, the few that really had there hearts about God and agreed to check into it and I was welcomed Back. All the Others..... Not so much :-x  I was a heathen for even thinking of it.. seriously.  
The Sanhedrin Council of the jews long ago as it also has been revised today , had Jesus Killed because They feared ounce the people knew the true gospel , that they could find God with out the Synagogue , they would lose their wealth in weekly donations and their power(worship) would be no more.
Joh:1:12: But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:
M't:5:48: Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.
My friends, If these two writings were really believed by the millions of souls that say they do believe in Christ. Then how come they say they are still just men, and fall short of His Glory.  Man says that not God. I am an artist of sorts and believe me , we are our own worst critics.  Take it easier on yourselves or should I say Spirits within us.  Forgive yourself my friends and You will start to understand what being born again in the truth each day is all about.  Amen indeed
Now there is this idea about waiting for Christ to come for literally...... everyone :-) . I do have to say this true indeed.
When I awake in the morning, I praise God for a new day and await the power of christ to fill me or at least give me the energy to get out of bed and start the Journey again with a smile. When my children were small and asked me a question that was a bit rough like "why are we here" I asked and then received enough help to facilitate the answer for them from Christ and the Holy Spirit. So yes he comes to those who ask for him.
113 His disciples said to him, "When will the kingdom come?"
"It will not come by watching for it. It will not be said, 'Look, here!' or 'Look, there!' Rather, the Father's  kingdom is spread out upon the earth, and people don't see it."
Think about it friends, How can one forgive sins as our Lord told us to do if this is a place that Heaven does not exist. Did not Christ tell his disciples that " I will be with you always"
 Basically; Jesus Christ or the Father in the Flesh came to this realm to prepare the way so as man could receive his greatest of Powers which is the Holy Spirit seen as tongues of flame upon each soul for divine light and understanding, or we could not comprehend the celestial Knowledge(Gnostics).
I truly understand how this mindset of Folks got to be over vast generations of Dark manipulations to now find themselves so much looking for someone or thing to be in charge  of their salvation, basically because they don`t feel worthy enough for the Job, even for themselves.  This is the key job of all, be ye worthy enough in your own mind to be righteous enough in the Father to get into heaven on your Bidding.
Remember Friends; There is nothing that we lack at any time.

So if you wish to be something , let be.................:-))


                    Greg Lake - Still You Turn Me On

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